Saturday, January 19, 2013

Early Birds

Wave Off!


  1. Watch out for berry drunk aviators...

  2. I miss robins & other songbirds. Thanks for the pics.

  3. Does that mean spring is coming? Are they confused or is it just me, cuz I see snow......

  4. Brighid - ha!

    Rev Paul - I never thought of that, but you'd not have them up there. What surprised me in these shots is it was ALL Robins, no other songbirds.

    naturegirl - I took the photos a couple of weeks ago when we had a good snow. I looked out and saw the two trees with the berries completely full of birds. Of course they flew away when I came out with the camera, but I waited and a few came back. Within an hour ALL the berries from both trees were gone.

  5. They are a 'tad' early aren't they???

  6. So they're not robins - they're flying little piggies LOL.

  7. Don't know why the silly birds are so early. Saw some here a few weeks ago, too. Perhaps the ARE drunk on berries and old persimmons!

  8. > What surprised me in these shots
    > is it was ALL Robins, no other
    > songbirds.

    Our backyard fish pond with waterfall gets robin-bombed a few times a winter when it's the bet and perhaps the only source of open water. The other birds don't seem to participate at those times (and in fact are much less interested in the water at any time than robins).

    Sometimes in the winter we get crows passing through. Lots of crows. Possibly all of them. Mr. Poe, I'd like to introduce you to Mr. Hitchcock; I'm sure you'll have a lot to talk about. Fortunately they stay in the treetops (and can be persuaded with a few well-aimed snowballs to see if the neighbors' treetops are better) and don't come down into the yard.


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