Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I'm Home -

So Mom -

There had better be smoked salmon or elk jerky treats in your suitcase. 

If you brought us a box of Aplets and Cotlets from the airport gift store, I am SO eating your new leather boots.

- Barkley


  1. For those that are following the comment threads on him. - No new news on Big Bro. Biopsy results perhaps Friday or Monday so they can plan the chemo. Dad is doing better emotionally, leaning on family and God. Bro has a wonderful woman to tend to him at home and one son nearby. His daughter is just a few hours away, I'll go out in a few weeks to play camp cook and accountant as I do, and tend to details. Dad has a home health aide from Senior Services now coming in daily now to check on him and make him lunch, someone lined up to take him to the store and church and house repair care lined up til Bro is strong enough to handle that again. Such are the days I am glad I have a job to help with such things and will NOT complain that my paycheck just got smaller, as I HAVE a paycheck. I will pray that day comes that Bro can be back tending to these chores which are his joy, not his obligation.

    Thank you all, for all your prayers, hugs, phone calls, emails and Barkley care.

  2. Welcome home... still prayin'...

    Dann in Ohio

  3. Rogue will fill growlers of Dead Guy Ale for the plane inside the secure area of PDX, but they don't have Dawg Grog on tap.

    People in FL thought I was kidding about the beer for dogs in Oregon.

  4. Glad you're back safe and sound. Barkley looks very relaxed about your return, or was the picture taken after he exhausted himself doing a happy dance?

  5. Keep taking good care.
    Daily prayers for all of you.


  6. Thanks for the update, and the somewhat better news. Stay positive.

    Those two look comfortable hanging out - Barkley looks a bit guilty? Or is that just my imagination?

  7. Thank you for the update, Brigid. Praying for your family - especially your brother.

  8. Glad you made it back ok, but wow....youf figure sure has changed a LOT since your last pic.... (assuming that was supposed to be you with Barkley. hehe, Ok I know that was your partner in grime :) Welcome Home!

  9. Best wishes and prayers for your Brother B. Yeah we all have to be thankful that we still have jobs and for what we have. Still it is hard to swallow this bunch of shysters in office taking ever more. *sigh*

  10. Still sending prayer y'alls way, Brigid. And I think Barkley deserves some of that Dawg Grog! I bet you can order it online.


  11. You've got my number... use it anytime! Prayers for Bro, dad, and the whole crew.
    Good to see the boys chill'n, and new leather Boots...YeeHaw!

  12. Dann - the prayers are appreciated.

    Roscoe - I usually don't go through PDX to get to Bro's but I will keep that in mind.

    Mrs. S - thank you! He'd already wound down, the happy dance dog is very happy indeed.

    armedlaughing - thank you my friend.

    naturegirl - That was the "I know you'd rather I lay on my dog bed" look.

    Cond0010 - thank you and for the links you sent as well for my viewing. A smile indeed.

    immagikman - thanks for the thoughts

    Monkeywrangler - Thanks!

    Brighid - I'll talk to you soon.

    I'm off to get a flu shot (I know, late to the game). Back later!

  13. Glad you are home safe...but why no love for Applets and Cotlets? Last summer when we went to Leavenworth and Wenatchee, stoping at the factory in Cshmere was the highlight of the trip! Free Samples!

  14. greg - I had aunts and uncles in the Seattle area. We got them as gifts. As a kid, I hated them, though my parents loved them.

    I'd probably like them now as an adult but it's still a long standing joke in the family about me and the aplets and cotlets.

    Their extra nut fruit chocolates? Now those are dangerous for me to have around. mmmmmm

    I hear the tour is awesome, glad you got to go.

  15. Welcome home, and thoughts and prayers will continue...


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