Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Irish Cure for Winter Weather.

How to tell if you're Irish.

You are not a professional basketball star.
You've never heard anyone say "nice tan!"
Instant potatoes are a mortal sin.
There wasn't a big difference between your last wake and your last keg party.
There isn't a big difference between you losing your temper and manslaughter.
At least one person in your family is named Mary, Catherine, Eileen or Margaret.

Most cures for common ailments involve whiskey.
Blas Meala - a traditional Irish recipe, it's more like dessert than a drink, and you will debate whether to sip or eat with a spoon. But on a snowy, icy day, it's perfect, whether you're part Irish or not.

The recipe serves two

1/2 cup fresh squeezed orange juice (fresh does makes a lot of difference).
2 teaspoons clover honey
3 Tablespoons Irish Whisky (a bit shy of a shot glass)
a  few Tablespoons whipping cream, whipped til soft peaks form
a  few pinches of oatmeal toasted in a hot pan til dark brown and then crumbled with your fingers.

In a saucepan, heat the OJ to JUST below boiling, add honey and stir.  Pour into a glass, add whisky and a layer of whipped cream.  Sprinkle with the toasted oatmeal, give it a minute to let the whipped cream sort of meld into the liquid and then toast and drink up.

A nice way to spend the evening, no matter how big your castle.


  1. Ah, bless you, Sweet Lady, and thanks.

  2. If ever there was a temptation to drink, that right there would do it. It sounds delightful!

  3. #3 really hit home.

    I'm half Irish, and half Polish........potatoes were a religious experience in my family.

  4. Sounds like a good recipe, for sure. I'll be sharing it with the Murphy Clan of the Nor'west at our next monthly conclave.

  5. Not much of a drinker , but I might give this a try under the "herbal remedy" column! --Matt R.

  6. Mary, Catherine, Eileen and Margaret, are my cousins along with Rose, Patricia, Maureen and combinations of the above. And there was no Ambesol for teething just Irish whiskey

  7. Bless you... for I'm about to try this... for strength.

  8. Just how DID the Irish make this?
    Irish oranges?


  9. "At least one person in your family is named Mary, Catherine, Eileen or Margaret."

    Yep. Irish.

    Sadly, I'm only 1/3 Irish. ;)

  10. My paternal grandmother traced our family's history back, but passed away before she could finish it or let anyone know how much information she had (and where it was stored....key point there). As far as we can tell, our clan is of Scotch-Irish heritage...which, as my brother figures it, is an Irishman with a bottle of Scotch. Never really been a drinker (don't like the taste), but may have to try to talk the Wife into trying this one...sounds tasty!

  11. It was good and to Pink and Brighid - Slainte !!

    And Guffaw - oranges are only grown in a few places in the world, but you'll find them about anywhere! Even in Ireland :-)

  12. for cough or sore throat or headache or general thirst or having to stay up late or get up early, the treatment in winter is "Hot Whiskey"...
    Consisting of:

    Double shot of irish whiskey (Tully or Bushie will do) in an appropriate cup or glass of about 10 0z capacity, one heaping tea spoon full of brown sugar (demerara is best), slice of lemon (down in the glass, not on the rim)...with six to ten whole cloves stuck in the fruit to keep you from swallowing a pointy spicy lil' bugger, add six oz. boiling water, and enjoy.

    Whiskey, warmth, sweetness, lemon oil/juice to cut the sweet, cloves to make it interesting...heaven on a cold day, and absolutely necessary prior to singing three hours in a noisy pub...


  13. We had some oranges with peels that were getting a bit dry. The insides were still fine so I juiced them and tried the recipe tonight without the whiskey. (Whiskey + our medications = likely unconsciousness, bad idea.) It was quite warming and tasty even without the alcohol!

    Being only partly Irish, I opted for cinnamon on top instead of the toasted oatmeal.

  14. Mrs. S. - I'm glad you tried it. Cinnamon? A clever touch.


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