Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Working All the Angles


[sin 4x - cos 4x] / [sin 2x - cos 2x]

and you factor the denominator

 [sin 4x - cos 4x] / [sin 2x - cos 2x] = [sin 2x - cos 2x][sin 2x + cos 2x] / [sin 2x - cos 2x] 

and simplify 

 = [sin 2x + cos 2x] = 1 

and further simplify 

x = whiskey  (and yes, I'll have 1)

That's my theory and I'm sticking to it.

You all have a good night.  My brain is tired and it's cold in Hoosierville so I'm taking a night off to relax. No computer, just music, a warm, furry lab and a small neat glass.  Those of you that can, should do the same.  

Cheers - B.


  1. I know you're tired. Just don't get your signals crossed and have a small, neat computer and a warm, furry glass...
    Sucking Irish whiskey from such a glass would NOT be pleasant!


  2. Get some rest; take it easy. Too much of anything can be bad for you. :^)

  3. OK,but instead of the lab,I have two Brittanies,instead of Jameson I have Dickel,and for music I have Hank and DAC.
    I'm telling my Doctor you said it was OK.

  4. It's cold, I have booze, but no dog... sigh... Enjoy the night 'off'...

  5. Looks like a good idea. Have a relaxing evening.

  6. I propose a toast, to all things warm and furry.

  7. I opted for a bit of schnapps, to help hold off the cough instead of the bourbon...and 3 large furry hounds that would all prefer to be 80# lapdogs, and sleep in my bed, but they don't get to do that!


  8. We did much the same. We skipped the math and each had a cognac last night before cuddling up with each other and our two Labs. Very civilized, indeed.

  9. I've told you before, Bushmills.

  10. It's completely opaque to me. Got a D in Algebra, never learned Trig, failed pre-Claculus twice...

  11. Just had a chill run up my spine when I saw that math... my teenage daughter will be running into that stuff pretty soon, and I'm gonna have to figure it out all over again so I can help her with her homework. Gah!

  12. I don't have dog, so a large neat glass sounds good to me.

  13. I read that too fast and thought you wrote HOOTERVILLE. Now I've got Green Acres goin' through my skull ARRGGHH!!!!!

  14. I agree, math is tough but I like the conclussion!

  15. Drinkin' math's the best kind of math!

  16. Your cheers must have wafted in. Before reading this, and last eve, I had my own sip, Balvenie albeit. I would suggest to go figure, but you've covered that, too.

  17. LyndaKay - it was just what the doctor ordered!

    gfa - I managed to avoid that, thanks!

    Rev Paul - true, except bacon, I think it has some special exemption.

    billF - Dickel? Now I'm going to have to try that.

    Old NFO - I did, I really needed a break from just everything but a chat with my best pal and then sleep.

    rich D - thanks, and sorry I missed you all at the gun show on Saturday.

    Skip - cheers my friend!

    Mick Havoc - welcome, and yes. . indeed.

    viv303 - I did a seared beast with applebrandy cream sauce the other night. I'll post that recipe here in a few days.

    Lois - you folks know how to live.

    Don - I like that very much. But Jameson is what was on hand, as someone gave me a bottle of the 18 year old stuff.

    Dirk and Not Clauswitz - don't worry, even though I made the honors courses in high school, math was NOT my strong point. I started out as an engineering major in college so I just had to hunker down and work on it, but it didn't come easy. Organic chemistry? Piece of cake. Math. Not so much.

    bobG - I would definitely agree. My best to you and the Mrs.

    ShallNotBeInfringed - so you're saying it's not a good idea to make you some hotscakes for dinner?

    Lynne F - me too. I got your email about take your daughters to the range. I will definitely be promoting that. Thank you for all the work you do in that each year.

    the Jack - I would imagine you are QUITE good at math, drink or no.

    Doom - Cheers to you as well.

  18. is two days later I am reading this..and almost exactly what I am doing at this very moment. Except I have a Queensland Heeler, Dewers Scotch and waiting for my beloved's headlights to shine on my driveway...just doesn't take all that in the big scheme of things!

  19. Ah, well now - the 18 year old single malt Jamesons's is a fine whiskey indeed. Christmas brought me Bushmills - one bottle of the 10 year old single malt, TWO bottles of the 16 year old and one precious bottle of the 21 year old. Half of the 10 and 3/4 of one of the 16's is gone, but the holidays are over and the rest will last a while.


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