Tuesday, January 22, 2013

You Had Me At Bacon - Bacon Hummus

I  was wanting to make a snack for a friend to tide us over to lunch.  I had some garlic and a can of chickpeas and was thinking of trying my hand at hummus, because as it gets more popular, it seems to get more expensive!
I had to run an errand first,  so I figured I'd get some tahini (sesame paste) which is one of the key ingredients of hummus at the big  grocery store or, striking out there, at the health store that's a couple townships over.
The big yuppie grocery didn't have it and the small mom and pop health food store recentlly went out of business (there are many empty strip malls around here).
There was sesame oil at the grocery but that was $10. No thanks. Plus sesame is an ever growing food allergy.  So, since I'm experimenting with recipes for my friend A Girl and Her Gun with No Dairy and No Gluten for her teenage daughter, why not add in No Nuts. (If you have a bacon allergy, you really need to find another blog).
So I had to come up with plan B. I substituted some lemon and Braggs (real apple cider vinegar with the "mother") for the tahini with some spices that came to mind.  I offered  my friend a spoonful for a taste -  "here, try this". It was good, but it needed something to add some savory to offset the ever so slight vinegary undertone.
Bacon and green onion.  Oh My!  It was the perfect combination of tart and savory. I sliced up a little baguette and we stood at the counter and literally cleaned the bowl here.  This WAS lunch.
Tahini Free Hummus with Bacon
(c) Home on the Range
1 can chickpeas drained and rinsed.
3 teaspoons chopped garlic (from the jar).
1 Tablespoon lemon juice
1 Tablespoon Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar
1/8 teaspoon crushed red pepper
1/2 teaspoon Himalayan pink salt
a grind or two of fresh pepper
1 Tablespoon bacon grease
4 Tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil (and if you get the urge to shout "EVOO" like Rachal Ray, please do so in the privacy of your own home).
5 pieces applewood smoked bacon, cooked,
3 heaping Tablespoons finely chopped green onion (green parts, not the bulb)

Makes enough for lunch and extra to send home with my friend.

Cook the bacon and set aside to cool. Retain at least one Tablespoon of the bacon grease.
In blender or food processor (preferred, the blender didn't make it that smooth) mix spices, lemon juice, fresh bacon grease and Braggs with the chick peas until course. Drizzle in remaining olive oil, pulsating until you get the desired consistency (for me it was 4 Tablespoons). Stir in 1/2 of  the bacon (chopped) and serve topped with remaining bacon and green onion.
Note - this used a can of chickpeas that needed to be used up.  Dried chickpeas are super cheap and easy to cook up.  Cook in some water with some garlic  and add a fair bit of salt after they start getting soft (cooking time will be on the package). When cool and dry, freeze in small sandwich bags.  Great for snacks, salads or recipes, they will keep in the freezer for at least a month. 


  1. My wife loves hummus, but I have never had ANY luck finding tahini at ANY grocery store...hippy or otherwise. Then again, I never would have thought to put bacon in it, either.

  2. I love hummus and make it a lot in summer. Tahini I get from Krogers, or similar. I will have to try your recipe though. Mmmmm....bacon!

    (I've had good results freezing home cooked chickpeas, in the water I boiled them in. Keeps them from freezer burn, and you can use the liquid in the hummus too.)

  3. That sounds fabulous. I love some roasted red pepper hummus. This sounds even better.

  4. Well, I agree with the bacon...



  5. Bacon hummus - Oi Veh! Some Jewish granny is cursing you in Yiddish from her grave.

    Most recipes that call for tahini or sesame paste I substitute all natural peanut butter, mostly because hubby doesn't like sesame oil. Of course check with your guests to make sure they aren't allergic to peanuts.

    If you can find garbanzo bean flour, it also works well for making hummus. And you have more control over how much salt goes into the hummus vs. using canned chickpeas.

  6. +1 on the bacon, not so much on the hummus... Too much time in that part of the world...

  7. The crew at the bunkhouse wouldn't be caught eating hummus til I explained that it was bacon & chickpeas blended together... now you have to be fast to get some before they devour it.

  8. The rest of the people in my house are vegetarian or vegan and the refrigerator always has hummus in it. I can't wait to add a big bowl of THIS! Thanks!

  9. I guess I'm spoiled.
    One of the FEW advantages of living in Orange County, Kalifornistan is the large Middle-Eastern population. Tahini is available in any of the half-dozen Persian markets near my house...

  10. Monkeywrangler - I don't often use canned anything due to the sodium, but I keep some in supply for emergency disaster type rations if power is out. When their use by dates come up, I cycle them through and replace them.

    45-er - this is one recipe I wouldn't mess with the ingredients much, it was just the right balance of flavors, one direction either way it wouldn't have been good.

    armedlaughing - but of course.

    Mrs. S - The Jewish people I'm acquainted with in life aren't middle eastern so they'd probably try it, sans bacon or with the lamb bacon from Goose the Market. Thanks for the tips! I was going for allergen free but it's good to know!

    Robbi - I hope you like it, it ended up with a good flavor with the spices, I'm not sure just chucking some bacon in some store hummmus would turn out as nice so I hope you try the from scratch version.

    Psychlone Ranger - the store I went to had the biggest "international" section of the local chains but no luck. There's not much of middle eastern population here at ALL. Lots of German and Dutch which comes with ALL kinds of good cooking.

    Old NFO - figured that, hope you check out the updated post on the gun show Sunday with the new biscuit recipe. Easier than my old one that you nad and they were REALLY tender in the crumb.

  11. I don't think I've ever had hummus, but if there's bacon in the recipe, it must be good. 8)

  12. Yum! Your post takes me back 31 years to a time when I enjoyed tahini with freshly baked pita bread from street vendors in a much friendlier Egypt. As you might expect, bacon was not offered anywhere. I'm going to give your recipe a try.


    Doc. Roxx

  13. Yup....definitely trying this. Girl! You know you had me at bacon ;)


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