Saturday, February 23, 2013

HOTR Housekeeping Tips

Some folks clean their house like they do everything else, ordered, deliberate, careful, behaved.

I can as well.

Sometimes -

Just some advice - if you're going to vacuum in your bright yellow undies while your jeans and T shirt dry in the dryer. . .

and you're going to listen to Kool and the Gang "Jungle Boogie" REALLY loud. . . .

and you start dancing around with the Oreck in your hand, sucking up those dust bunnies while the red hair whips around. .  .

Make sure you have your drapes are completely closed.

Otherwise, there's a whole 'nother meaning to "neighborhood watch".


  1. OK, which search terms for the YouTube video - redhead, Siegfried and Roy, bra holster...

  2. So many jokes, so I few I can share
    in this venue! :-)
    Remember earworms? Thanks for the eyeworm!!


  3. Lesson learned, it seems. Further Affiant sayeth not (it's safer that way). :^)

  4. Marty - someone found my blog recently by typing in Firefly Gruel Recipe. So there's no telling.

    armedlaughing - ha!

    Rev. Paul - Fortunately the only neighbors out and about are the cop and his family, I can picture it now -

    Little Tyke - "Daddy, who WAS that?

    Dad (laughing) - "uh, it was big bird, son. ."

  5. I would probably pay to see that.

  6. LOL

    Is there any other way to clean? heh

    Apparently it was to much for the skeleton, though.

  7. Also ~

    If one puts "facepalm skeleton" into Google, you come up number one there, too.


  8. ROTFLMAO... That had to be fun for the neighbors!!!

  9. First, I believe I might put up part of a paycheck (alright, ALL of a paycheck,) to see that. Second, I have learned over the years that the louder the music, the easier the task.

    Crank it up!

  10. ZOMG!!

    You were watching me through the window?

    I'm so embarrassed...

  11. Uh, you might want to cover or turn off your webcam next time, too. ;-)

  12. Now, if I can just get this damned telescope focused....

  13. That's twice now, isn't it Brigid? Wasn't there an "incident" involving Barkley, an open bathroom door, and open living room curtains?

    You really ought to preface this post of yours with "Keyboard Alert"! LOL!


  14. wouldn't that be

    'neighborhood, watch!'


    Rich in NC

  15. naturegirl - face palm skeleton is always on hand. :-)

    Murphy's in AZ - I never listen to music while walking or biking, preferring to pay close attention to what's going on around me, but at home, music is played, and at a tone you don't miss it.

    Viv303 - ah, yes, when Barkley snooted the bathroom door open when I was . . well. Now that he's learned to snoot open the doors, I have to make sure it's latched when I have guests. Why a builder would put a bathroom opening right into the living room is beyond me, but it's a rental, can't complain.

    Rich in NC - hahahahahhaahha!!!

    Today no sights, just smells, it's baking day, stuff for the guys at work and a few treats for Partner in Grime, cupcakes, donuts and cookies, going to make a day of it.

  16. Thanks for the mental image.

  17. Now that would have been a VERY interesting sight! I can picture some neighbors standing outside your window watching and then suddenly you notice them standing there! Don't know who'd be more startled!

  18. Ha! Sounds like something I would do

  19. A post like this one is definitely one way of determining if anyone is reading carefully. Your vacuum must be fairly quiet in order to hear any music over it. Hope all those dust bunnies were captured.

    Are you sure the conversation of the cop and his son wouldn't have gone this way?

    Little Tyke - "Daddy, who WAS that?

    Dad - "Uh, I think it was a Christmas Elf looking for a clean outfit....It is laundry day after all."

  20. Nah, Barkley would just be thinkin', Mom's been nippin at the Jameson's again. :D

  21. Ohhh THANK YOU VERY MUCH... I can't get that song out of my head now :P hehehhehe seriously it wont go away :P

  22. Mrs. S. - Orecks are really quiet, they're quite expensive but I got this one from a gal friend who got married and didn't need two vacuums. Still one has to crank that elf music up :-)

    immagikman - my work here is done then. (grin)

    PA State Cop - or too much caffiene :-)

  23. In this vein, let me pass along a lesson I learned the hard way many years ago:

    Gentlemen over 6 feet tall should not iron their shirt in the morning until such time as they have put on their underpants.

    Or else you may well learn a new meaning to the phrase "rude awakening".

  24. Reminds me of a nurse co-worker who cleaned in her next-to-nothings, doing the windows when the UPS truck pulled up! She didn't bat an eye when she signed for delivery. Thanks, Brigid!


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