Sunday, February 3, 2013

There's a Game On? - Bacon Redeye Gravy on Cornmeal-Chive Biscuits

I understand there's some football thing on today  :-) 

Big Bro called me today and I asked about Dad, as he was tired the last couple of days.  He said "Dad went to church!"  That's really good news, as at 92, Dad's not had the energy to go very often and recently got over a cold.  I said "he must be feeling better".  Bro said "No, Dad said he just wanted to make sure the 49's won".

If YOU have a football fan in the house and you want to get his attention away from the TV (or reloading bench, garage, etc.) try making this for breakfast or supper. The biscuits are tall and crisp on the edges, tender and flakey in the middle, with a savory undertone of sage and chives, perfect with the gravy.

Bacon Redeye Gravy on Cornmeal-Chive Biscuits

Redeye gravy is traditionally made with coffee and ham drippings and no flour.  The HOTR version uses just a touch of flour to slightly thicken it and uses hickory smoked bacon drippings instead of ham with a tiny pinch of brown sugar and red pepper.  It's always better with bacon. . right?

Go ahead, put down the remote and have a serving.  Sorry Barkley.  I know it's Super Bowl Sunday, but you'll have to stick with your dog chow and doggie snacks, no people food.  We don't want you turning into a Wide Retriever. 


  1. "Whine", you just 'love' teasing us don't you... :-) These go on the list for next weekend!

  2. Gratefully received; Sam (and her parents) say "thank you!"

  3. Awww, no lab testing? That truly looks good. I would have to do that in secret. I don't think anything but white gravy is allowed on biscuits this far south. :)

  4. Oh Fine...
    I thought I can make these (1st mistake), have to improvise a bit
    (2nd mistake), fire up the ol stove (3rd mistake), my stove (Helga) seems to have suffered one too many hot flashes and passed... Fine, just Fine...

  5. I do wish you wouldn't publish those enchanting pictures of Barkley. They make me want to get another dog, and I'm not sure my wife could handle that. Of course, she'd love it, as we've loved every dog (and cat!) that we've had over the years.

  6. Pop and I are on this for next weekend! There is a football game or something on?!?!?

  7. I watched the game. (Roomie wanted company).
    As games go, it was pretty back and forth, making it more exciting than a rout.
    I really had no skin in the game.
    I did, however have chips, salsa, queso and beers!
    That helped.
    No biscuits, tho...

  8. Does Barkley always look at you like that or does he love the camera that much? How can you resist that look??I know you're not cold-hearted, so you must be tougher than I even thought!

  9. My family are all frothing-at-the-mouth football/baseball/basketball fanatics. I'm the black sheep (no frothing, despite what my handle may lead one to believe). I could care less about any of those sports...especially after sitting and watching 30 minutes of pre-game (and this was a full two hours before the game officially began) when 0bummer had to make a cameo. WTF is he doing in a Superbowl pregame show?

    Bacon looks yummy, though, so I guess the karmic balance is even.

  10. I didn't watch, but when I talk to Dad tonight I bet he'll be glum. He's a huge 49's fan.

    MoBro - he HATES the camera actually, and I have to be sneaky if I'm going to get a photo (not sure if it was a flash that spooked him, but as soon as he hears the whirrr of the lens opening he will look away, unless I have food).

  11. Sorry to be so dense,but for the Red Eye Gravy recipe,when do you add the brown sugar and cayenne?I make red eye gravy often ,but haven't ever added those.

  12. bill - you're not dense, I forgot to put that in the instructions. It's just a tiny pinch
    of each mid way through the simmering. You want just the barest hint of undertone of sweet and hot. I have girl fingers so adjust your "pinch" accordingly if you have large hands.

  13. bill f - I responded to you by email only to find out I have two Billf's as readers. I'm really sorry, the milk should have been 1/2 cup. It was corrected but not before you tried it. I owe you a batch of muffins and a beer. - B.

  14. I don't know if you'll read this,this post is kinda old now.But the biscuits turned out OK with all the extra flour.I made the red eye gravy tonight for dinner and put it and the bacon on the biscuits.WOW! You outdid yourself with this one,(as long as the surgeon general doesn't shut us down)This is now my favorite Home on the Range meal.But I'll still take the beer if I ever get up to Bobbie's blog meet.Bill

  15. billf - I don't make all the blog meets as I actually live quite a ways out and just am in town when I'm on call, but let me know and I will try and be there and buy a round. Glad you liked the recipe, the gravy thing was a total experiment based on some redeye recipes I'd seen.


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