Monday, April 1, 2013

Salmon Enchanted Evening

Looking for a nice meal to cook for someone special, or just because you want something nice, even if having supper with a beeper? (And yes, you can have candlelight and the good glassware when dining with your beeper, even if the photos won't be  great).

Hibachi Steak and Ribeye  with HOTR Happy Sauce (a mix of traditional oriental sauce ingredients with the zing of Sirracha Sauce and the sweet smokiness of American Bourbon and honey).

Make on a traditional Habachi grill, basting with the prepared sauce.  OR  if you don't have one, the recipe comes with directions for doing it on the stove top with a simple fry or wok style pan or two.

Barkley does his best Dog-Fu look as the grill is fired up. 

"Give me the steak".

The sauce just takes a minute to whip up (you can always use dried ginger, but use half the amount listed for fresh).  With a little practice with grilling (or stir frying) this is a meal you can make quickly, with about any type of meat, even small, cheaper cuts, or leftovers, adding grains and veggies to make a filling and tasty dinner.  The leftovers?  Good on their own or wrapped in a whole grain tortilla  for lunch.

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  1. Yum. And the post title is double yum.

  2. Top score for what appears to be an awesome meal.

    Minus 1 point for shameless punnery in the title.

  3. No. No. No.
    That's Salmon Janet Evening.
    From Some Specific.


  4. Brigid:

    When people ask if I surf the internet for porn, I have to admit your blog has often what I would consider "food porn."

    Now, time to clean up the saliva from my chin.

  5. I'll be off Tenasillahi this afternoon, wish me luck.

  6. You had me at "salmon". And +1 to Guffaw's suggestion. :)

  7. And now I have inspiration for dinner. Thanks! :D

  8. Now my mouth's watering. May have to break out the venison.

  9. JR - if you have a dehydrater, make some "Salmon Candy".

    Get about a 5 pound fillet(steelhead works well according to my Canadian friends), skin off and removing the pin bones. Cut the fish into 1 inch x 4 inch pieces.

    Marinate in:
    2 tablespoons kosher salt
    2 tablespoons maple syrup
    1 tablespoon liquid smoke.

    for 36 hours, turning occasionally.

    Rinse excess salt then into the dehydrator for about 15 hours at 170f. It should be firm and dry but not crunchy. Very good on its own, or crumbled over cream cheese on your favorite cracker.

  10. Brigid, please give Barkley an extra hug tonight, and a special treat...I just had to put my Charlie down, this afternoon, and it's tearing my heart out.



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