Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Games We Play

What to do when you're on call and can't go anywhere for a Saturday night?  Well, you could go out in the garage and work on the death star.

Or you could invite a friend over for Board games.

We'll start with a round of cribbage.

Then some Scrabble.  We usually play Mexican train, but someone mentioned they'd never played Scrabble, so out the board came.  I hadn't played in several years myself, so it would be fun.

Friend - "I'm not sure I'm doing so well".

Me - "well you got 'groped' . . . "

Friend (smiling) "I guess it's a good day".

We had a Z left. (Thank heavens for blank squares so we could could queue up for veal.)
Every letter was used on this one. The blanks? Ohm, a skunk!  

We realized that we had three blanks out there.  There are two. Oops, a tile got turned over the wrong way.  (If you haven't played in a while, the correct number of tiles are listed on the board to help you out.)  

Still it was fun to play it again with the old vintage board.

Stay warm, stay safe and enjoy the rest of your weekend!
 - Brigid