Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Games We Play

What to do when you're on call and can't go anywhere for a Saturday night?  Well, you could go out in the garage and work on the death star.

Or you could invite a friend over for Board games.

We'll start with a round of cribbage.

Then some Scrabble.  We usually play Mexican train, but someone mentioned they'd never played Scrabble, so out the board came.  I hadn't played in several years myself, so it would be fun.

Friend - "I'm not sure I'm doing so well".

Me - "well you got 'groped' . . . "

Friend (smiling) "I guess it's a good day".

We had a Z left. (Thank heavens for blank squares so we could could queue up for veal.)
Every letter was used on this one. The blanks? Ohm, a skunk!  

We realized that we had three blanks out there.  There are two. Oops, a tile got turned over the wrong way.  (If you haven't played in a while, the correct number of tiles are listed on the board to help you out.)  

Still it was fun to play it again with the old vintage board.

Stay warm, stay safe and enjoy the rest of your weekend!
 - Brigid


  1. Folks - the cribbage board is from WoodStuff11 at Etsy. He's on vacation now,which is why I didn't do a link, but if you want to contact him later he can build you a custom cribbage board.

  2. This is all well and good...what did you EAT?


  3. gfa - there was an assortment of hand made pub grub. Cheese and crackers and ale (for those that favored one) and for dinner, Cornish Pasties stuffed with beef, and root veggies accompanied by peas, or for those that don't like peas, chunks of sweet onion drizzled with apple brandy and roasted.

    Homemade cookies and tea for dessert.

  4. Scrabble is all right, but Mexican Train rules! Especially when you can go out when you lay out you train.


  5. That is a PRETTY cribbage board! Much nicer than any "I" ever used... And sounds like a fun evening, no pressure, no muss and no fuss. (and no really good triple word scores either).

  6. Someone gave me a copy of "Munchkin" for Christmas, but we haven't found the time to do much with the set beyond giggle at the cards.

    If you have an old Atari or can find one in a garage sale, this *new* cartridge is worth every penny. I've left it running in the background at gatherings, and every adult in the room has to try it at least once.

  7. We had six grand kids here for a very long weekend so their parents could escape for a Mommy-Daddy weekend. Lots of games going on here. :)

    I need a vacation. It's time to go to sea. No, wait. That's work!

  8. Sounds like a good day all around! Used to play a whole lot of scrabble with my granny, and being a teacher she was a tough player. No one to play cribbage with since Himself kicked it, and I'm not really into hanging with the locals.
    Love cornish pasties... never had/made them with green round things tho...

  9. Oh, gosh! I think the last time I played scrabble was in grade school, maybe? I don't even remember how to play anymore.

  10. Playing the "Z" on the "A" of "shawl" would have netted points.

    (last I knew, anyway)

  11. Sherry - we had to get out the rule book, it had been a while.

    Once Free Man - playing a Z on the "A" in shawl would have been "ZA" or "AZ". Neither are actual words and abbreviations aren't allowed in the rule book I have.

    Old NFO - it was fun and the bat phone didn't go off, even better.

  12. Hmmm, it's been played on me before...
    My wife's official Scrabble dictionary doesn't have it, but multiple sites for two-letter Scrabble words do.
    I challenge next time!!!

  13. Once Free Man - It's a challenge! And I'll bring cookies, for the winner or loser. :-)

  14. Preferred games here are Rummikubes and Liverpool Rummy.

    The Monkeys are learning Mexican Train, and variations on Monopoly, but they do tend to be rather hard on board games!


  15. Someone actually ALLOWED Tribble? C'mon! I know we are geeks but that is pushing it.

  16. BePrepared - Tribble had been an ongoing pun in the house all day. .

    we had to include it.

  17. The challenge was meant for whomever played "ZA" on me next, but I'll take the direction you went.
    I'm fresh off an undefeated bout of Bananagrams against the best progeny my Mensan mother-in-law could throw at me!


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