Friday, April 5, 2013

.45 Things I Have Learned From the Shooting Sports

I published ".38 things I learned from Shooting"a few years ago - things I'd learned on my own and advice from others about first learning to shoot.  I've learned a lot of new skills, and new wisdom since then.

The Novice:

(1) Don't buy a new type of gun until you've had a chance to fire one of them.

(2) Never try to keep more than 200 separate thoughts in your head during that first shot.

(3) The less skilled the shooter, the more likely he is to come up to you at the range and criticize your grip.

(4) No matter how bad that first target is, it's possible to be worse.

(5) That new gun at the incredibly low price will come with the only magazine of its kind in existence.

(6) Nonchalant shots count the same as chalant shots.

 (7) The most skilled shooter at the range is usually not the talkative person with the fancy gear, $200 range bag and tactical clothing. It's that quiet guy or gal in the T-shirt with the ammo cans. Watch them and learn.

Staying Proficient.

(8) It's been said that bad shots come in groups of three. That fourth shot however, will be the beginning of that next group of three.

(9) The first time you make a bulls eye you must subsequently make two shots not even close to the target in order to avoid altering the fabric of the universe.

(10) If you wish to shoot like a pro, it'll happen when no one is looking.

(11) If you think it's hard to meet new people, try picking up someone else's brass.

(12) There is one important thing you can learn by stopping your shot before the trigger is pulled and checking the position of your hands on the grip. How many hands you have.

(13) Ammo is like eggs. Unless you're a farmer with chickens that reload. It comes in small boxes and you need to buy fresh boxes each week.

(14) A shooter who hates to vacuum, dust or pick up their clothes will spend an hour carefully cleaning, oiling and packing their weapon.

 (15) Range cleavage attracts more hot projectile brass than male attention.

Gunsmithing  and Reloading-

(16) Keep your work bench clean so all the cuts don't get infected.

(17) Remember  - nose hair IS flammable.

(18) Easy to assemble is an oxymoron.

(19) You may be fast, but you're not fast enough to outrun an explosion..

 (20) Bullets don't multiply but they do migrate. (How did this stripper clip end up in my sock drawer).
Trap, Skeet and Steel

(21) The inevitable result of reading about how to improve your shooting is the instantaneous annihilation of that one critical unconscious movement that actually made you hit the target in the first place.

(22) Paper is fun but metal makes that resounding plink of freedom.

(23) Having the skeet match next to an RC club event is an invitation to disaster.

(24) A steel plate shoot is a test of your skill against everyone else's luck.

(25) If there's a storm rolling in, you're at the outdoor range.

The Great Outdoors

(26) It's easier to get up at 4 am to go to the hunting, then it is to clean your gutters.

(27) In hunting shots - trees attract, animals repel.

(28) Don't ever put your gun down to give a Cougar a hug.

(29) Quail often wear little Kevlar vests under their feathers.

(30) After age 40, the wildlife I can outrun consists of manatees, moles and moss.  That's why I have a bear gun.

(31) Coyote and fox instinctively know the absolute range of your firearm and will stand 6 inches past it.

(32) The shortest distance between you and that 12 point buck is the straight line that passes directly through the center of a big tree.

 (33) Anyone who is mistaken for a bull moose and accidentally winged, probably shouldn't be in the woods anyway.

Self Defense:

(34) Sticks and stones may break your bones, but a .45 will kill you.

(35) Shooting is not life or death. But one day it may be.

(36) It takes more years to buy all the guns you want than it takes to be a doctor. But then again, try warding off a home invasion with a stethoscope and some Zyrtec and see how well you come out.

(37) Just as a $30,000 bike and 300 miles doesn't make you an experienced biker, a $1200 firearm and camo pants doesn't make you a  responsible shooter.
(38) A knowledge of Physics will prevent you from becoming History.

(39) Criminals obey gun laws as much as politicians obey their oaths of office.

(40) Fast won't help you if you can't hit center mass.

(41) In  "Glock, Paper, Scissors", the Glock ALWAYS wins.

(42) I can say "Stop" in five languages. My .357 says it without a word.

(43) The only equal rights amendment I need is the Second one.

 (44) Take all the time in the world to shoot, as long as you shoot first AND THE 45th THING I LEARNED FROM SHOOTING?

(45) The zombies won't just shoot themselves you know.
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  1. #14, have you been spying on me?
    #17, I will neither confirm nor deny about the M44 incident.


  2. (14) A shooter who hates to vacuum, dust or pick up their clothes will spend an hour carefully cleaning, oiling and packing their weapon.

    I am guilty as charged...

    And #15 & 23 are duplicates...


  3. *grins*

    Not sure about moose-men. I'm just not that horny? I do know that in bear season I walk in the wilds with great care.

  4. (applause) Excellent! We've all learned many of those for ourselves; thank you for putting them all in one place.

  5. Every one of those are great !!!

  6. LOL @ #8.
    Guilty as charge by #14.
    Need more data for #15. Must study.

  7. Many truths here! 40 has a corollary. I will take a slow hit over a fast miss anytime. I will however prefer a fast hit.

  8. It's not just the cleavage at the range that attracts attention...but you didn't hear that from me...
    (hopefully, only that and no brass)


  9. Nice!! Many come a bit too close to home . . . .

  10. #5 reminds me of Dorius Dixon, the maker of the Bren Ten that Sonny Crockett on Miami Vice carried. They discontinued that firearm when their manufacturer of magazines for that weapon went out of business.
    Don't ask me why they couldn't just manufacture their own magazines.

  11. Nose hair is flammable.
    I did not know that. :-)
    I may have to add a swimmer's nose clip to my shooting accouterments.
    That is the best read I've had all week.

  12. Great post! #31 Has happened to me more times than it should have, usually with ol Wiley laughing at me...

  13. NOTICE: I am totally stealing #39.

    Thank You;


  14. #15 is only true in the mind of the owner of the cleavage. The plain truth is cleavage trumps almost anything almost anywhere.

  15. #44 reminds me of Heinlein: "Get a shot off fast. This upsets him long enough to let you make your second shot perfect."

  16. The 45 Theses. Nail them to the White House door.

  17. I have to agree with Island Bob about #15 :) Always love these lists of yours.

  18. (28) Don't ever put your gun down to give a Cougar a hug.

    Not even if it's Monica Belluci?


  19. (18) Easy to assemble is an oxymoron......
    I have never seen this phrase in a Ruger Mk II manual.

  20. Absolutely right about coyotes understanding pistol range. Fortunately, my dog does too. The coyotes won't get in range and she won't get out of it (if there is a coyote around).

  21. #23 caused me to have to clean my monitor.

    Good stuff!

  22. (11) If you think it's hard to meet new people, try picking up someone else's brass.

    Reminds me of a 2700 match in the D.C. area when I was with the Navy team. We always left our brass lie as it was supplied by Uncle and no one reloaded. I was on the 4th or 5th round of a slow fire stage when I look down and see a hand reaching from behind between my legs to pick up that "priceless" piece of .45 brass. Needless to say, a polite but firm conversation ensued.

  23. (5) That new gun at the incredibly low price will come with the only magazine of its kind in existence.

    Yeah, got one of them. A pre-81 Browning BLR. IF you can find a mag, it's worth as much as the gun.

    Gawd, I can just see it - walk through bush, see deer, dig mag out of pocket and insert, rack action, shoot...where's the deer??

  24. I respectfully disagree with Island Bob. As a heterosexual redblooded male, I like cleavage as much as the next guy. But when I put on the RSO hat, I'll tell you that you'll probably want to wear a less revealing shirt, and when you're digging that hot brass out later that day,you'll wish you'd listened.

    Great list B, as usual.

  25. I really liked this post. Simple and to the point, or should I say many points.

  26. #21. Definitely #21. My goal is to someday figure out what that one thing was.

  27. A bit late here, but #5 has bitten me in the form of a Para Ordnance 15-40, made during the Clinton-era ban. Fortunately I got one standard-capacity mag to go with the 10-round one; it took 4-5 years of pestering Para to get them to put together a couple of spares. The price still makes my hands sweat!


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