Friday, April 26, 2013

Good Clean Fun! - Weekend in the Country

After having just a single day free of duty in the last couple of weeks, I have a LONG weekend and Barkley and I made plans to head up to North Hoosierland for some Lab Therapy with Midwest Chick and Mr. B. as soon as that time off started.

Og is off at a fencing tournamet (no extra charge for that mental image), but will try and stop by and most of the usual gang will be around.  Rolling into that long driveway is always like going home to family.  We so miss Schmoo the Lab, but we can still connect, this small band of furry and not so furry friends. I, for one, know a big black lab that loves it up there amongst his other "people", the cats, the open land, full of birds and rogue squirrels (not to mention the smell of Mr. B.'s incredible cooking).

Stuffed, rolled, and rotisserie grilled pork with all the trimmings is one of his specialties. There's also a great little restaurant we're going to check out tomorrow night as well, friends, good food and fun.

Mom - I distinctly heard Midwest Chick say this was MY recliner.

Then perhaps, a trip to a local range to say hi to another friend who is a member,  just to make sure they didn't redecorate the ladies "powder room."
The men's bathroom decor is a more simple.
After, there's Yeungling in the fridge in the garage, steam engines in the barn and there's no telling what we might get into tomorrow.
Besides the area is home to the infamous Beef Mart (and you all that that was a euphemism :-)
Home of Amish Bacon, how can we NOT have a good time?

Especially when there's chocolate malted dinosaur pancakes to go with them.

We'll talk to you all Sunday. - Brigid and Barkley