Wednesday, April 3, 2013

On Proper Propulsion

Here's to Kaylee and her
inter-engine fermentation system.
- Captain Mal


  1. Cool! My shine does not have the label though. In fact it has none =). I know where it came from though.

  2. I have been thinking about buying one of the stills on EBay. Trouble is, I will either get bored and blow myself up, or, I will get arrested!

  3. Bob in Tampa - I came home from doing the weekend pilot bit to the farm and in the big open grassy area between the farm house and the neighbors was a burned round area, looked like a rocket strike. I knew there was something funny of the liquid variety going on in the neighbor's barn. I also knew not to ask, being as I was related by marriage to the perps.

    Keads - it's starting to pop up here more in the stores.

    B - I hear you can soak fruit in it for party food or drink additions, I'll have to try that.

    Murphy's Law - if you save the picture I've embedded their email address in there for purchase information.

  4. Recently acquired a taste for Midnight Moon Apple Pie, made here in No. Carolina by the fine folks at Piedmont Distillers in Madison, NC.

    Honestly, the stuff is delicious and far, far smoother than I would ever have guessed.

  5. Mix it with some LOX, and WHOOSH!

    Off you go!

  6. Excellent!
    (dances fingers off each other, gleefully)


  7. I have to ask....what does it TASTE like??

  8. Beth - I'm on 24 hour call for the next week, so I'll have to let you know. I'll have some exciting tea this evening.

  9. The Firefly distillery is in Charleston, SC. They are famous for their "sweet tea" Vodka, but offer many other liquors, including flavored bourbons and rums and now, as you can see, moonshine. I've visited their distillery, it's a fun place. One of their distillery-only specials is Lemonade Vokda, which is quite tasty. They are next door to the Charleston Tea Plantation, and yes, they do get their tea from there.


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