Sunday, April 21, 2013

Pistols and Pie - Sunday at the Range

The flooding in and around Indiana, fortunately didn't cover the road into the range, but the Eagle Creek dog park was looking a little damp this morning. The flooding was more than I've seen in the years I've lived here, claiming the two lives of two good men in Hamilton County. Many other counties look like they need draw bridges.

But fortunately, the drive was clear, the range was open, and my friends arrived on schedule.

I haven't shot a pistol since before the holidays. Due to Big Bro's illness, with ensuing leave and care needed.  He's holding his own with the chemo and radiation, so I'm going to take a couple weekends for myself, free of beeper finally.  This was long overdue.It was very cold but a beautiful day, There was a father and young daughter going over the basics and the few range officers on site, but due to the early hour and temps in the low 30's, we pretty much had the place to ourselves.

The backdrop had definitely been perforated but I had a fresh target. The first couple of shots were way low, the third, too high. One of the range officers recognized the Norwegian curse words as they left my mouth and came over and gave me a hint on my trigger pull; overeager, the first shots were way too snappy. I heeded his advice and the next shots migrated to center and stayed there for the most part.

I was surprised how rusty I'd gotten in just a few months. That's why scheduling practice time, whether warm or cold, for some range proficiency is essential for self defense shooting.  I also recommend training with certified instructors for beginners or just honing your skills.  In just a few months of leave and desk duty,  my"up close and personal"  skills went from "tactical ninja" to "OK if attacked by elderly Panda on Ambien".
As I worked on my draw and my target. . .

Tam had her 22 blasting away like a nail gun.
It wasn't long before I was out of ammo and I needed to get home and let Barkley out for his daily constitutional. I told Tam - "I'm heading out, going home to make pie".  I noticed the eyebrows go up. . .  "Maple Bourbon Walnut Pie . . ." (I'm evil that way).  She grinned and said "remember I'm your best friend. . ."

I said goodbye to everyone and thanked the folks at Tactical Firearms Training who keep the range running on the weekends for the public. Check their website for a listing of NRA pistol classes for men, women, beginner to advanced.  (the addy is on the picture below).  Their instructors are knowledgeable and patient and all of the staff that works Eagle Creek are just the nicest bunch of folks you could meet.
And don't forget to pick up a copy of  TFT President Guy Relford's Gun  Safety and Cleaning for Dummies! 

Soon, it was home to happy Lab and a pie pan. The recipe I made up with stuff on hand, maybe it needs a catchier name.

Snappy Trigger TartCuss the Target Custard?  "Oh Nuts!"  ?? 

I'll keep it simple.

Maple Bourbon Walnut Pie.  Walnuts caramelized with honey, butter and  a pinch of cayenne, in a homemade crust over which is poured a custard of pure maple syrup, eggs, Bourbon, vanilla, cinnamon and teeny hint of orange zest.

Pistols and Pie.  Sunday afternoon doesn't get a whole lot better.


  1. Drittsekk, men at kaken ser bra ut!

  2. Mathew Paust - "Asshole, the cake is good?" :-)

    My norwegian is better under duress.

  3. Whatever! Sure looks good to me :-D

  4. I may not be your bestest friend, but I do accept USPS, UPS, and FedEx... just saying.

  5. Care package??? I'm stuck in Orlando and had popcorn for dinner... :-)

  6. When an ace shot like Brigid has some "issues" after a layoff, it should reinforce to us ALL that shooting is a perishable skill.

    If I'm away from the range for a month or so, my first magazine always looks like one from one of the worst students I help train!

    Front sight, PRESS!

    Front sight, PRESS!

    repeat as required.....

  7. Uff da!

    (Sorry - that's the only Norwegian I know!)


  8. Old NFO - As long as it's not the USPS. At Christmas I take the money I get as gifts or have saved for "fun money" and use it to put together care packages for troops. Last Christmas, hundreds of dollars of stuff was sent to Afghanistan and half of the packages never arrived. I was less than happy about it.

    I'll save you a piece of the pie, or better, next time you come up this way, you'll get your own pie (and not chicken)

  9. Problem is, ammo is so scarce that Its hard to justify breaking into my reserves to practice with.

  10. I don't have any walnuts handy but I've got tons of pecans would they substitute without any trouble?

  11. Not just cold days, but days when you have a cold, can be useful.

    We all know how well we can shoot when on top of our game. Learning how well we can shoot when tired or injured or coming down with something is instructive and potentially useful, if not too good for your season-ending score.

    (Well, within reason anyway. I never did this when in the throes of Major Ick Factor with something possibly contagious. I did after all *like* the range staff and the other people in the league. Besides, just as I knew how well I could shoot on a good day, I knew how to score zero -- I wanted to find out what was in the middle.)

    And, yes, it's also humbling but useful to get a reminder that after months without target practice I'm no longer the man I never was. Even if the only thing in shorter supply than ammo is time, dropping by the range once in a while to correctly, mindfully fire off a clip or two is useful.

    After all, if you ever need to do it for real, the only thing in shorter supply than ammo will be time...

  12. Christopher - I think pecans would substitute. They're a harsher taste, so perhaps a little more honey and a little less cinnamon.

  13. Nothing at all like riding a bike.
    A perishable skill that I am not spending enough time polishing.


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