Friday, April 12, 2013

Pistols and Pillow Fights - a Night Off

By the time you read this there will be company at the Range.  One of my closest gal friends is coming through IND on business!

Tactical Sleep Over!  I have Archer, Wallace and Gromit, Dr. Who and Special Agent Gibbs and company. I have steaks and pork or we can play Truth or Dare with Thai Hot Take Out.  I have wine. There's a spa tub and bubble bath and fuzzy yellow secret Ninja pajamas. Pillow fights may or may not come into play as one hesitates to pull a  fully loaded goose down on someone with a six inch blade from the Amish gun show. But you never know.

I'm lucky to have such friends, women that have seen me through years of good times and bad, women that will help me with anything that requires an extra hand, like tonight, helping me hide the body.
But although our friends change from childhood, one things won't change from the sleepovers of my teen years. We will stay up too late, We will discuss Tactical Beauty Tips, the boys we are enamored of, our favorite  accessories (oh, new stripper clip!) and Led Zeppelin, will be played too loud.

A couple other of our shooty gal friends are going to join us for a bit, at least for a meal, much fun to be had.  I'll be back later this weekend. For now, I've got to reload the pillowcases and Barkley is all beside himself, sensing snuggable company is imminent and planning a "panty raid".


  1. Have fun ladies!

    (By the way, I just noticed the "Easy, Breezy Beautiful Cover Squirrel" - hysterical. I think I need a spray guard for my monitor and keyboard!)

  2. "Amish Gun Show"....dangit, now I'm gonna have to Google that to see if such an epic event actually exists or not!

  3. Darn it! I want to attend a tactical sleepover. :(

  4. And plotting and scheming will occur and tomorrow y'all will conquer the world... :-D

  5. Pics or it didn't happen!

    Ha Ha

    Like that's going to happen...

    Call if you need bail.

  6. I hope y'all have a grand time! Nice M&Pc there I think.

    Friends are very special gifts to be treasured.

  7. Barkley panty raid! Bwahaha! Have a mahvelhous time, dahlinks!

  8. Can't get enough Archer...hope it's a good recharging weekend for you.

  9. Thanks everyone, it was a great time

    The post about the Amish gun show is at:

    There's a whole line of buggies parked across the street and the breakfast buffet is worth it alone but they always have some great historical an recent firearms, a surprisingly great selection.


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