Friday, April 19, 2013

Posts From the Road - Born to Be Mild

I had a rental car that was apparently too small for even clowns to use at the circus.  Still it ran, and I was able to get a bag the size of a Chihuahua in the small trunk.

I remember the old days of flying somewhere, where some airports had a "crew car" you could borrow to go eat  if you bought  a tank of gas.  Most were a 1978 Buick that would occasionally catch fire, but they were free.  One, in some desert area, came with a free snake sunning itself inside (watch out!windshield viper!)

Enterprise, who has always taken great care of me, offered to upgrade me but I don't care to pay the difference out of pocket so I took my clown car and pretended to be driving the vehicle above.  With  the seat all the way back, classic rock on the stereo and red hair flying out the window, people didn't laugh too hard.  Besides, I get to be home soon.

You all be safe out there.


  1. Something about this reminds me of the time I was hitching from Hanalei to NePali and got picked up by a 59 Coupe DeVille, the driver had removed the front seat and still was a bit crowded.

  2. When lemons are all that are on the menu in your price range, make lemonade. Capitalism isn't just about money, it's about life too. Rock on.

  3. Rental cars all suck out loud and off key now. You COULD rent a Shelby Mustang GT 350 back in 1966.

    Had one for about 3 hours. Could not pass up the deal then. I lament that choice now. The only thing was the numbers were good, everything else to restore would have cost a quick 35K then (25+ years ago). Now? I wish I kept it.

    Safe trip home!

  4. Remembers the sardine cans on skate wheels. First japanese imports.

    Direct from the crushing metal crusher.

    Has an extra shoe horn you may use.

  5. I draw the line on small cars, my life and my comfort are worth a little bit.

  6. I used to travel a lot on company business.My H***z profile included the preference "Vehicle Type-A Fast Red One".That got a lot of laughs at the check-in counters!

  7. Classic rock and red hair flying???
    Woo Hoo! Works for me.

  8. The FBO at the Champaign Illinois airport (University of IL)had two Mercury Grand Marquis as crew cars; license plates CRW BRG 1 and CRW BRG 2...(crew barge) we got to keep one overnight...what a night stop! I went back several years later and the FBO gave me a Ford Focus... Iasked about the boats and they said, " westill have one but noone ever wants it" I got it anyway; 2 liter 4 pot or 460 cu in V8? contest. Another outstanding night stop; another broken copilot!

  9. Which airport had the snow-covered Charger?

    Keads, you could rent a Shelby in 2006 as well.

  10. Larry - the pic was from a magazine site, it you enlarge it their logo is in the lower right corner of the shot. Wish that ha been me driving it.

  11. There was an airport in far southern Illinois, and I do mean far, that had an old hearse as the crew car. But it ran, and no one crowded me in the parking lot or on the road. :)


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