Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Things That Go Bark in the Night

How many of you keep a flashlight handy in your house?  Were the power to go out when you're in bed, in the bath, in the hall, could you see well enough to have defense handy in a break in or to simply get to safety in a hurry if there is a fire or tornado?

One night recently, I was tossing and turning, my body still in a time zone far away, back in the crash pad in the city to start work the next day.  On the nightstand there was not just a small  flashlight, there was a camera, where I'd taken a photo the night before of a vase of my Mom's I'd placed there.

I thought I'd heard Barkley during the night, wondering if  he prowls while I sleep. What IS he up to out there in that dark, quiet space? I imagine him just bustling about, waiting until it's time for slippers and breakfast, doing his best to keep me safe from nefarious creatures.

In the dark, I heard the huff of his breath, so I grabbed the camera and took the shot without really looking,  rolled over and went back  to sleep.

You know, it's probably best I DON'T know what  Barkley does at night when I'm asleep.


  1. Yes, you are probably right. Best not to know what Barkley is up to at 0'dark 30. I have a Surefire E2DS on the night stand though.

  2. You're right: sometimes it's best to NOT ask the question ... and he wouldn't admit anything, anyway. :)

  3. That must be Barkley's shocked face. He didn't even have time to look guilty. LOL

  4. I am pretty sure I never want to know what the cats do in the night.

    Especially if I step in that hairball the next morning.

    I have several mini-maglites in the bedroom, useful for finding my way in the pitch-black as well as peering down the gullets of small children who complain of sore throats.

  5. Better count your skivvies again ;)

  6. I have so many (mostly crappy) flashlights laying around my room, it's not even funny. You can't hardly move for tripping over one. For some reason my family all thinks that at christmastime, the best gift is a cheap flashlight like the kind you find at the checkout counter at the hardware store.

    On the plus side, you never have to replace the batteries, you just throw it in the drawer and find a newer one...

  7. Maglites in wall brackets. One in each room (Amazon has brackets for D-cell as well as the AA versions). I have several Surefires, and while one does live on the nightstand, I still wall-mounted a bunch of D and AAs. Two reasons: 1) my ex- taught me that if there isn't a wall bracket for it no one will ever know where she left it, and; 2)turned on in the wall bracket enough light bounces off the ceiling to navigate easily.

    To paraphrase, "dark is expensive, light is cheap."

  8. We both keep flashlights on the dressers next to us, along with a Sig P220 and a Remington 870 loaded with 00 buck. As for the dogs...we corral them at night to keep them from making off with the delicates :)

  9. You probably don't want to know what he's up to. LOL

  10. "How many of you keep a flashlight handy in your house?"

    Uh... "A" flashlight? I probably have enough lumens available on my bedside table, on my firearm, and scattered about the house to guide the shuttle in from orbit.

    I'm kind of a flashlight geek. Feel naked if I don't have one handy.

  11. I have a couple flashlights within reach.

    I wake up with a cat sitting by my head and staring at me and wonder what he was planning to do.

  12. "A" flashlight? Only one? Surely you jest!

    Flashlights, oh how I love thee, let me count the ways!
    1. 4Sevens Preon on the nightshirt.
    2. Eagletac D25c Mini on nightstand
    3. Olight i1EOS off of keyring on nightstand.
    4. 2D maglight and Insight Procyon on top of the big blue box by the bed.
    5. Jetbeam PC10 XM-L in pants pocket EDC.
    6. LambdaLights Keylight (always-on) on the keyring.
    7. And the Inova 24/7 light that is somewhere on the nightstand.

    And then there is DH's collection on HIS nightstand...

    The proper term for those of us so enamored of lumens, is Flashaholic. And as for Barkley, at least his eyes didn't flash red--that would've proved he was a vampire dog!

    Vic(Hi my name is Vic303 and I'm a Flashaholic)303.

  13. We found out that when our dog is sneaking around - it's because he's been eating kitty poop out of the litter box.

    Makes those special moments when he wants to get in your face; even more special :-)

  14. Keads - he can get into enough mischief in the DAYtime.

    Rev Paul - he can look guilty if caught though..

    naturegirl - he didn't know I was awake ha!

    Auntie J - I've got flashlights of all shapes and sizes.

    Slip - I found my favorite pair with a suspiciously canine shaped tooth mark in them.

    deadmandance - Dad got suckered into buying an entire bag full of cheapflashlights from someone selling them on the phone. He couldn't GIVE them away.

    Tele Kenesis - welcome! Great quotee, by the way.

    immagikman - normally he's in the same spot in the morning as he was at night. But if he hears strange noises, neighbors with late guests, a police siren, then he goes on the prowl.

    ProudHillbill - I've woken to that stare from a foot away. "Are you awake" "I'm out of dog food"!

    Monnkeywrangler - oh, there's a lot of them. all shapes and sizes. Occasionally I use one that goes out about 100 yards to secure dog poop and make the neighbors wonder.

    steaminspector - litterbox breath. ewwww! :-)


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