Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Time to Play Hostess

One of the East Coast Gun Blog Gang and his wife were traveling through Hooserville today, the halfway point on a long trip to a family wedding and are going to stop and visit Barkley and myself. Since they likely don't want to advertise their house is empty I'm not going to say who it is for now, but I'm looking forward to it.

I  offered up a bed and bathroom of their own so they can avoid hotel expense and get a home cooked meal  (dog hair on your clothes, no extra charge!)

Supper was put together earlier, a pan of beef enchiladas in sour cream/green chili sauce so all I had to do is bake them while I made some cornbread and steamed some broccoli, then a little sprucing up to the place before they arrived.  The place was almost company ready.


  1. Rev Paul - we had a lovely evening, and they brought me two dozen fresh eggs from their own chickens. Breakfast will be good indeed!

    Off to bed for now, they had a long drive and the household is tired.

  2. Jealous.

    Free range eggs are awesome.

  3. Just one of the reasons the gunblogosphere is awesome.

  4. Fortunate visitors to have a friend like you, Brigid. Lucky you, to have friends with chickens!


    PS: I love the Reloading Decor!

  5. "Hooserville" - did you mean Hoosierville or Hooterville? Or perhaps, Hooverville?

    I guess North of the border it would be Hoserville...

  6. HEY that's a powder measure spy making believe it's a lamp.
    Boy, I sure am quick to see that,huh?

    Rich in NC

  7. Vic and Rich in NC- you noticed! good eyes!

    Eric - good catch - I was tired when I wrote that. :-)

    Lynne F - You are welcome here any time you wish. I've enjoyed all our chats and I know the crowd here I hang with would embrace you.

    J.R. - don't sweat the dog hair. Thanks, my friend. thanks for the knife info, my gal friend has made contact ans has one ordered up.

  8. Wouldn't want to light that lamp... but that sure is a fun way to spruce it up!

    Glad to hear you had a great time - hopefully your guests got on their way with all shoes accounted for (yes, I love you too, Barkley!)

  9. Thanks again, for everything. :)


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