Sunday, April 28, 2013

Weekend Update - What Could Go Wrong?

Are you awake??

With the AutoCAT software, I don't need a alarm, and was up to first light, the smell of coffee wafting down the hall

With a house out in the country, back far from the road and lights and a huge high top bed with old fashioned quilts in the guest room (and a sip of Jameson before bed), I slept like a rock.  Barkley had  settled down by Mr. B. and Midwest Chick's bed, where he used to lay along side of Schmoo the lab.  He is comfortable there, and I'm glad he is at home here as I am.

Mr. B. always cooks us up a great breakfast.  Todays started with (yes, they are NOT extinct) chocolate malted dinosaur pancakes.  His Dad made them for them when they were kids and when I said I'd never had one, he vowed to remedy that.   That's a full sized griddle so that is one big brontosaurus.   I have to say the chocolate and the malt, with a dollop of molasses in the batter made for one great pancake.
With that, some  chopped Amish Bacon from Beef Mart.
 It looks like Dogosaurus wants some bacon.
The afternoon brought sun, and a chance to go hike around their land with Barkley in tow.
The wood is evidence of quite a bit of work, trees that fall in severe storms resulting in wood for future days. The wood gathering days are fun in and of themselves, Og and his family joining in, the men working hard to clear the downed timber and chop it up while the women folk do safe things like teach the Oglette how to drive the tractor backwards.  Yee ha!
Today there were no chores, just some time to relax and enjoy the Spring that took its time getting here, where one could get out and get things done.
Mr. B. had Barkley on his lead as we headed back deep into the property  Barkley had been at the crash pad all week while I worked and  he was chomping at the bit.  He was also still sulking a bit from the grooming and nail clipping before we left Indy ("I smell like a french poodle AND they put a scarf on me").  So, when we were well back of the house and road Mr. B. said "it won't hurt to let him off the leash?"

I said "no!"

Midwest Chick is grinning and thinking "no, what could go wrong?"

He was off like a shot.
To the only deep mud puddle around.
Even with the zoom lens, the remaining photos were a blur of splashing water and muddy dog.

Oh wait!  There's more!!
 Barkley spotted the pond.  Oh well, it least it will help get him cleaned off.
Barkley - come back here!  He had a grand time splashing around before pretending he heard us and coming back up the hill.

Then it was time to fetch the stick.  The BIG stick.

Mr. B. throws, and he's off.

 Big Stick!!  Mine!!

After some more "fetch" it was back to the house to hose off Mr. Barkley.  Barkley does NOT like hoses, sprinklers or cold water from either and will forcibly try and get away from either.  He was also very muddy.  Mr. B. is quite strong and very determined. The cats watch and wager over who will end up more soaked..

Socks   - I'm wagering $2 on Mr. B.
Goldie - I'm betting on our black brother.
Everyone clean and sort of dried off, it was time for a little afternoon refreshment.

Barkley, it's not going to work, I've seen those sad eyes before when I had the Yuengling out, besides you've had all the excitement you need for one day.

After some music, relaxing and conversation. it was off for a drive through the countryside to Santiago's in Portage, IN with Mr. B. as our designated driver.  It was an outstanding meal with husband and wife, K. and T., friends both on and off the Range. (And the waiter only lifted his eyes slightly when T, a tall, stunning brunette, said "you can light a match with the laser!!)

The chips with the salsa were fried tortilla, not corn, a light, crispy change of pace and seasoned perfectly, the menu with a great assortment of grilled meats, homemade soups in tureens big enough for a family and traditional dishes.
The food was indeed as good as Midwest Chick and Mr. B. said.  I had the beef fajitas (no green peppers).  With a plate of fresh tortillas on the side and steak this good, there was no way I was going to go home hungry.
Five hungry adults had full delicious dinners, with four adult beverages and  one soft drink and a shared appetizer and the tab was less than $67.  We will definitely be back, for the company as well as the cuisine.
As the skies grew dark we drove back to the house, for conversation, quiet time with the four legged critters and then sleep, as I would have to head out in the morning. Barkley was snoozing hard, tired out from a full day of country fun.

I have a few vacation days coming up, going to spend a little time back home, before joining back into the fray.

But when I go back to work,  I'll have some fun memories tucked away at home.
Love - Brigid and Barkley