Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Budget Bachelor - A Review of Trader Joe's Single Malt Whiskey

I like Trader Joes, and thoroughly love exploring one when I get the chance, always coming home with some tasty little surprises, shopping there always a pleasant experience with their  helpful staff and selection. That being said, when I heard they had their own brand of Whiskey/Whisky, including new single malts I had to check it out. The Two Buck Chuck was a nice surprise in the wine world when I discovered it in grad school. But $20 for a single malt?  Budget liquor is always hit or miss.  So I enlisted one of my male family members to  try it as well to get an opinion on taste from the male perspective, and then I would write up the review.

Twenty Buck Chuck - a  HOTR Review of Trader Joe's Single Malt Irish Whiskey.

Nose - It's a breakfast of Wheaties on the brand new deck overlooking green grass. The wood still looks wet in that one spot.  Oh *#(@ it is! I've got oil on me now. Sniff. Wait, is that glue?? I hope not, the party starts soon.

Palate -
The smell from the morning deck has faded, darkness falls, someone just lit the citronella candles. You're pretty content though, when you first think about it, cozied up next to the medium bodied honey blond that you just met. So many tastes and scents wafting up around you, the tarp of a bass boat, the smoke from the neighbor's burning yard clippings, you take it all in as you watch the fire die and munch on overly salted beer nuts. Somewhere in the distance is the barest of florals. A familiar scent, soft, yet now cloying. Did you invite a your girlfriend to this shindig?

There is a bitterness, suddenly, at the back of your throat.

Finish -
It lingers like a bad memory, the bit of lemon from the iced tea your girlfriend flung in your face as she stomped off, the sweet honeyed blond in her wake, gone before you barely knew her. You are left with sullen barbecue ash and bitter regret.

With water  -
Slightly improved, but that faint shower curtain smell that lingers only reminds you that you're still showering alone.