Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dirty Buck and Friends

A while ago, Midwest Chick brought me a gift of some Dirty Buck Soap as well as other soaps from its creator. (note: the website is with an "s" in soaps, a slight domain name change from what's printed on this earlier version of the soap)

First, after many "sleepovers" over the years, she knows I'm a big fan of the whole long soak in a deep bathtub in the evening, plus I'm a hunter of both whitetail and game birds.  Finding a soap that doesn't scream "redhead in a blind" isn't easy (and by the way, washing with  Dove soap does NOT help during Dove season).

Most scents for hunting try and cover, or simply eliminate, often with a lot of artificial ingredients that neither smell natural or are healthy on the skin.  Dirty Buck comes in the subtle but realistic scents of (currently) acorn, sagebrush, cedar, or pine simply blended, and in bar soap form, which helps penetrate the pores so the scent lasts longer. 
 Hey baby, do you smell like Acorn?

Dirty Buck Soap is the brainchild of  Tracy Gunn of Edmond, Oklahoma, who after spending 14 years in Corporate Sales Management in the animal pharmaceutical industry, found herself out of work. To help keep busy, she began making soap. One day a friend asked her to make a soap that smelled like dirt  Tracy, being an avid hunter, understood the need for a product made of natural, not chemical ingredients that would do more than the touted but rarely accurate claim of "eliminating human scent".

Tracy had been selling her kitchen made products at gun shows, where she met Midwest Chick, but with word of mouth spreading and folks like Bass Pro and others expressing  commercial interest, she knew she had a winner.  Although the operation has outgrown the kitchen, Tracy decided to keep it simple, still making every bar herself, with the help of her two teenage sons.

It's not just for guys.  More and more women are hunting now, and a product that doesn't make us smell like "Summer Squash" (roadkill) or "compost heap" is a plus.

This product really delivers on its promise. I've tried some of the commercial "somethings dead downwind" cover up scents or the "no scent" stuff and have not been thrilled. Dirty Buck Soap washes away the bacteria that causes human scent and bathes you with the natural scent of the woods you hunt in for several hours. You can even wash your hair with it. Even better, the concentrated natural oils are very moisturizing without leaving a chemical film on your skin (ever lose a buck because you just HAD to scratch that itch just as Mr. 10 pointer showed up?)

If you hunt, or have a loved one that does, try some.  The acorn scent is going to be in the guest bath  shower year round, everyone likes it.

But sometimes smelling like dirt isn't what you want when it comes time to crawl under the covers during non hunting season.  So Tracy started a line for the woman who just LOVES her bath and wants a sexy smelling soap to go with it.
 Dirty Annie's Soaps.
Wonderfully scented, deeply moisturizing soaps without laboratory created ingredients that can strip and irritate the skin and clog pores.  The one pictured above is my  favorite so far, Lavender Lust, which has actual lavender in it to exfoliate. Another favorite is Raspberry Sweet Tea and one called Cleopatra..  The scents vary as Tracy tries different things (she even made a soap that smelled of hops) but she always has a fun assortment.  My skin is so soft after bathing I don't even need a body lotion, and I smell SO good after my evening bath, the smell not fading in minutes like some other bath products do.

Because sometimes folks, as I pull down the covers and turn off the light on my nightstand  I realize just how MUCH I enjoy being a girl.
Stay Clean - Brigid