Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Slippery Black Lab

Barkley has few bad habits, the primary one being stealing soft footware and undies (as frequent visitors Miss D and Midwest Chick can tell you).  Leave something on the floor while you're gone, slippers you  kicked under the console while watching Dr. Who the night before, tennis shoes by the back door, he won't touch themUntil there is someone to watch (or it's 4 am and you have to go to work and you're running late) 

So, for  my readers over 50 (including my good friend Guffaw in AZ) who may remember a show from the 60's about a dophin,(and those younger who saw it in syndication) my apology for the earworm. 
He's got her slipper, slipper, faster than lightning,
Now you can see, he's smarter than she
And we know slipper, is dropped in a blunder
to lie there-under, under the TV

Everyone loves the king of the fleas,
Ever so kind and gentle is he,
Tricks he will do when footwear appears
And how they give chase when he's near!

He's got her slipper, slipper,  faster than lightning,
now you can see, he's smarter than she
And we know slipper, is dropped in a blunder
to lie there-under, under the TV!



  1. Good one!
    Those of us not over 50 remember Flipper from syndication too.

  2. Yes us oldsters remember flipper and your song fits the tune. Our dog did that when a puppy but has no interest in messing with things that don't run through the high grass.

  3. Cute! Yes, I remember Flipper! Morgan loves to chew shoes so, after ruining 3 pair of expensive, perfectly good shoes, I've learned to leave them out of reach.

  4. I think Barkley's a ham. He knows the camera loves him.

  5. Sure. Set me up with an earworm.


  6. Bravo! But now I can't stop humming that insipid song!

  7. Hat Trick - you are right, it was on for years.

    Sunnybrook Farm - other than paper products Barkley doesn't destroy anything, he just wants to carry it around in his mouth while you chase him (the earlier, colder, and less clothes you have mananged to get on in the morning, the better it seems)

    Sherry - my last lab treated shoes as the appetizer prior to whatever hat was lying around. And then they look so CUTE when you catch them.

    Rob - I know, I couldn't resist.

    armedlaughing - thanks for the phone call so we could catch up! (now don't be going and trying any of the herring/single malt matches the old fellow at the liquor store recommended, stick with the dark chocolate).

  8. Yucch!
    Believe me, I shan't...

    I'm not a seafood kinda guy, and 'preserved', even more so!

    Just finished Scotch and dark chocolate. A better idea.


  9. Very funny loved the reminder of drove out that damn Gilligan's Island song that was in my head ;)


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