Thursday, September 12, 2013

Last Daze of Summer - Photos


  1. It is starting to feel a bit like fall, here.

    No frost yet, just cool nights, and the days are still up in the 80's.

    Can't wait for that first frost.....then, it's elderberry picking time, and we have LOT'S that grow wild here.


  2. Gesundheit.

    *reaches for a tissue*

    I feel your pain.

  3. Living out (in the dry part of the) west the saline spray is a year around habit. - Not sayin I miss the midwest humidity, LOL. -

    I can't believe summer's almost over already. Why does time fly the older one gets?????? !

  4. Idahobob - it was in the 90's where I was yesterday, today in the 70's. Still at home, not chill yet though there are some color changes, more from drought than anything.

    purplemagpienest - I had it the worst when I was stationed in the desert for a flying gig. Soon, though, winter and I can wear my wonderful blue hat and scarf you made me.

    naturegirl - I'm not sure, it just seemed like yesterday I started this blog and it's been 5 years.

    I have some travel tomorrow morning, then a couple days off. I'll see you all soon.

  5. It was high summer here today, complete with raging thunderstorms. Almost 90, with humidity to match. Still insufferably sticky after the storms raged through.

    It's been messing with my head. Literally. I've been getting headaches from the barometric changes.

  6. Finally, a break in the weather here in western IL, after a very little bit of long-overdue rain. My thermometer read 56 degrees oudoors when I was making coffee, and the stifling humidity is down. The local 3-D Archery club has a meet this weekend; I think I'll give it a whirl; my "range" is right across the gravel road, so may make it a two-fer!

  7. When Death Star Telephone management assigned me to scab duty in a bucket truck in Connecticut during sleet season back during contract negotiations in 2009, I worked with a pulmonologist to document my asthma issues for a medical exemption.

    In addition to the exemption, the pulmonologist prescribed a nasal spray and pill which have significantly improved my long-running sinus issues. Getting a specialist involved is worth the time if your GP is stumped.

    Disclaimer: I don't think I'm above bucket truck duty, but I have zero gripe with the union's insistence on maintaining decent healthcare benefits if the rank and file are doing things like climbing telephone poles in 20 degree weather to splice wire bundles.


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