Sunday, September 29, 2013

That'll Buff Out - Weekend Adventures

I've got 36 hours free from all duty prior to an early flight tomorrow.  Time to get out and enjoy what's left of it.

First breakfast.
Then it's time to get outside and get some fresh air.

The leaves are barely turning but the air is cooler, the trails less crowded now that school has started.
Uh, Brigid -are you sure?
That's OK, I've got an app for that somewhere!

Breakfast seems like a long time ago. I'm getting hungry. Fire up the grill.

Barbecue burgers with smoked cheddar, garlic mayo and fresh baked pretzel buns.

But it's not all fun and games, there's dinner to go in the crockpot as there may be friends stopping by, you never know on a weekend. Chicken breasts covered with a chipotle corn salsa.  Salsa is easy.  Thickly slice 2 pounds of tomatoes, a small onion and a couple mostly seeded jalapenos, drizzle with a little olive oil and grill or roast until starting to char and soften.  Then give that and 3/4 c.  chopped cilantro a couple pulses in a food processor  (you want it chunky) and stir in a couple cups of roasted or grilled corn, the juice of a couple limes, a splash of ACV and honey, a dash or two of kosher salt, some ground pepper and a pinch of  dried Chipotle.  The accompaniments to build your own burritos are chopped  as required and put in the fridge and cornbread and rice are made that can be reheated as needed.  Dinner is set!
Then there's a workbench to straighten up.
Bulbs to plant and flowerbeds to be cleaned up.

And when it got a bit warmer after last night's rain, a black lab that wanted one last romp in his pool before it got put away for the winter.

There's no slide?!
Thanks Mom!


  1. And now you need the flight to rest from your time off. :)

  2. Dang, I can't believe You would put salsa mak'ns in a food processor...
    Safe Travels, give dad a hug for me, actually if you give him a bunch that would be great.

  3. Word to the Wise - Mayo is a clinic, not a burger topping!
    Of course, as you don't cotton to mustard (God's condiment), I suspect it's okay.


  4. For a minute I thought OH! A pretzel bread recipe! -then- I probably missed that posted somewhere else already.

    Safe travels.

  5. Rev. Paul - I have a cord of wood to cut when I get home. Yippee.

    Brighid - you don't want to pulse it too much, but does save time if you're cooking a big batch.

    armedlaughing - eww. . mustard. :-) big hug

    nature girl : Here's the link to the post with the recipe

  6. Looks like a good time was had by both. :-)

  7. No wonder that do loves you so much!

    Have a safe trip!

  8. Rob - Thanks. Leaving here in a few.

    Murphy's Law - it was a good day,

    john bord - you might want to check the color resolution on your monitor. The light wasn't good, and it's a bit washed out, but the bike is the same color as the tailights of the truck. Bright red. I would SO not own a pink bike.

    Dr. Jim - I get a lot of love back, in return.

  9. I love hearing about the adventures of Barkley, and of course, your own. Thank you for sharing your adventures. Fondly,

  10. Have a safe trip and a wonderful time.


  11. Travel safe, and thoughts and prayers...

  12. It's his monitor, Brigid. Even I see the red bike on my old monitor! And don't worry about your bum knee on the bike--you're more likely to bust your arm or whack your head in a bike crash...

    And I adore the pics of Barkley splashing in the pool. Ridgebacks mostly hate water...though Shiloh likes to wade in the local pond.
    Hope your travel west is uneventful.

  13. I got tired vicariously just reading about your "time off". Whew.


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