Sunday, October 6, 2013

Marionberry - Not the Mayor, it's PIE!

OK, I'll have a small sliver, just to make sure it's good to serve.


  1. Otherwise known as "TheBitchSetMeUp" pie ...


    Looks good, though, even if it is a setup.

  2. Marionberries? Do you have those in Indiana? Where/how can I get some? When do they ripen, there? Deprived minds (stomachs) want to know.

  3. Rob - they're sort of addicting.

    Borepatch - ha!!

    igor - I wish we did, but they're from Oregon.

    If you click on the word "marionberry" you'll get the recipe.

  4. Seems wrong that you cannot get Marion berries in Indiana when there is a Marion, Indiana.

    Are you sure they don't have any growing on the banks of the mighty Mississinewa Lake?

    (God bless Google Maps)

  5. I don't know if they ship to all states, but you can get frozen marionberries here (their other products are very good, and I might try and order some of the frozen ones)

  6. One of my favorites!

    Some day, after I get my weight sown to where I want it to be.......



  7. Originally from Oregon, they were grown in the Willamette Valley, a cross between blackberry strains, named for Marion County, where Salem is. The growers had to mostly market them out of state; Oregon has so many 'wild' blackberry patches that nobody buys them at the store. Another good strain are Boysenberry, a bit longer and a different subtle taste.

    I miss them, too cold in MT to grow here.

  8. I've still got about 10# frozen, think I'll make a marion berry pie next Thursday.

  9. Marionberry is one of my favorites, and that sliver of pie looks scrumptious.

    Don't mind if I do ...

  10. When you blog about food.... have to start wearing a drool bib...... cleaning drool off key board.... slurp slop splash..... swipe..... ohhhhhh so frustrating..... yummy.

  11. I can't handle the seeds any more with my digestion. I love blackberries but they don't love me!


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