Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Norwegian Family Recipe aye?

 There is a wonderful little restaurant near where some of my family lives that has a wonderful beer batter for their fish menu items that is advertised as a Norwegian Family Secret

One of my friends, who lives in that area, spied the owner of said restaurant buying up a BUNCH of Krusteaz pancake Mix at the local big box mart. Krusteaz is a popular baking product out west and I can find it in Indiana stores now. Mom always loved it, for pancakes, the belgium waffle mixes, muffins and cookies that could be made up easily and taste like homemade.

Pancake Mix?  Could that be the secret. They're not open for breakfast. 

I tried it, not really having a recipe to go off of, just the one ingredient. It will never be as good as theirs but it's very close, and VERY good.  The consistency is more like tempura than those heavy beer batters.

Fresh white fish
a six pack of ale (you won't use all of it, so you'll have to drink the rest)
Krusteaz buttermilk pancake mix
cayenne pepper or Old Bay Seasoning
canola oil for frying.

Cut good fresh white fish (halibut is my favorite) into big chunks. .

In one bowl put a little bit of the pancake mix,  In another medium bowl, mix together pancake mix and beer, adding slowly until it's the consistency of motor oil.  Try a piece of "test fish".  It should leave a thin coating on the fish but should NOT run off in spots).  Add a little bit of cayenne or a generous bit of Old Bay seasoning and a dash or two of salt to taste.

Heat oil to 350.  USE A THERMOMETER. Fry the fish until golden and allow the oil to reheat to 350 between batches (not  more than a minute or two normally).  If you're using a deep fryer, fry the pieces one at a time, putting the cooked fish in a plastic strainer over a bowl so any excess oil drains. 

Do NOT overcook. When done the coating will be golden brown and the flesh is easily flaked with a fork. However, the  deep center of the pieces will continue to cook after removal from the oil.


  1. That fish sounds wonderful, hard to find good fish here.

  2. I was expecting a recipe for lutefisk when you said Norwegian family recipe.

  3. I'm not a seafood guy, but I love Krusteaz products!
    Their whole wheat pancake mix is incredible - and even used to have a chocolate chip cookie recipe on the box that was to die for.


  4. This looks so good. One question about the two bowls. One has the dry pancake mix, one has the beer and pancake mix. Was I supposed to dip the fish in both bowls? Like, first the bowl of dry, then the bowl of beer and pancake mix?

    Something tells me most people will already know this, but I just want to be sure.

  5. Sunnybrook Farm - Bro cooked Salmon on the grill last night. Fresh caught (and I mean, it was swimming in the morning) Silver Salmon. He puts bacon on the bottom (it won't taste at all like bacon but it protects it and keeps the skin moist as it grills) orange and lemon and onion slices on top, foil and cook on a low temp on the grill for 50 minutes, opening it up once halfway, checking, then closing and letting the temp come back up again. It's the most incredible salmon ever and has totally spoiled me for anything in a restaurant.

    greg - Dad was talking last night about more modern methods of cooking lutefisk than the old bathtub lye method, the new way making the smell better when being prepared. I looked at Big Bro and said "yeah, the new modern method is to make it in the next county and find someone to fly it in). He and I are not fans. He and Dad and some other fish, another matter. They were going on about a night when bread at the coast was $4 a loaf so they got $1 hamburger buns and made sardine burgers, with much laughter how I'd have been running and screaming if I was there. I would usually leave the cabin as a kid when they'd make their sardine sandwiches.

    gfa - I like Salmon and Halibut fish and chips and that's about it. Do you want me to pick you up some Krusteaz and mail it to you if they have the whole wheat pancake mix? There's a UPS store in the city and we'll be there Friday. (if so, email me your addy again, I don't have it stored on this eebook)

    greg - sorry that wasn't more clear. You put a bit of the pancake mix in a bowl (but not the whole bag), then you mix it in the liquid in the second bowl, just enough to get the motor oil consistency. You may or may not use all the mix in the first bowl, depending on how thick you like it. It's not a rocket science recipe but it works.

  6. Like Greg, I was thinking lutefisk. We used to eat it boiled and stuffed into lefse with butter and veggies, like a giant enchilada. I remember it reminded me then of lobster. For dessert it was cold cherry soup. Yum.

  7. Krusteaz products are available in Sam's clubs. I buy it here in Florida all the time.

  8. Driving back from our beach trip Labor Day weekend, we passed the "Fish and Chips" boat, but they were closed for the holiday.


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