Friday, October 11, 2013

On Frustration

Frustration:  Playing every single domino in a game of Mexican Trains, blocking the moves of your opponent, with the only domino left, the one your partner can't play. (score!)

And it's the double zero .

That pretty sums up my week :-) I'll be out playing on the tracks.


  1. I walked many a mile on the tracks looking for insulators. You have to take an odd step every once in awhile when walking the tracks.

  2. Yes ma'am...but at the end of the week, you are still you, so that has to count for something.

  3. Sunnybrook Farm - Dad and I have a fair collection. I love those things.

    greg - Thanks, but still secretly hoping someone unleashes some automatic laser monkeys on Washington sometime soon.

  4. Sorry you have experienced a frustrating week.

    It will take more than automatic laser monkeys unleashed on the criminals in the district to bring about some sanity there.


  5. I've actually played dominoes on a Mexican train with the indigenous populous (in 1964).
    Nogales to Mazatlan - overnight. 100 stops to let chickens and their owners on and off. I'm not kidding.
    Haven't played dominoes since!



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