Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Daily Grinds

At the Range you can  be certain the cooking methods will be "unique" (hey the starter can made out of duct work finally fell apart). Multi cultural cooking  is also sort of the norm around my kitchen with grandmothers from Norway and the UK.  Then add  Brigid Jr, all six foot of her, adopted by a Native Hawaiian family that invites me to their feasts, AND the Canadian branch of the family, we pretty much have most carb loving cultures covered in the cooking department.  Though they lean heavily towards cuisines where the FDA has classified the food as a sedative..

Tonight, it's my favorite Hawaiian plate lunch sidekick, (an adaption from a recipe in Cook's Country Magazine)

Hawaiian Macaroni Salad
Hawaiian  macaroni salad is a staple of the "plate lunch" along side of  two scoops of sticky rice and a big portion of  tangy meat (similar in structure to the Southern "meat and three").  It's slightly different than traditional mac salad, soft and pillowy with a tangy,  mayo rich coating and typically no eggs or additional proteins, just a shaving of onion (or topping of scallions), carrot and  celery.  Paired with some good burgers mixed and glazed with some garlic, ginger, a drop ofhoney and soy, topped with a little red pepper on a soft bun, it would be the perfect barbecue side dish.

The secret to the pasta is to cook it until it's quite soft (the Natives call it "fat") so that it soaks up the dressing, making it incredibly creamy without being too mushy.  I use the small "ring" salad macaroni (known as "Creamette Salad-ettes" to any good Lutheran Basement Church Woman) that's a huge part of the Scandahoovian salad and casserole culture (and impossible to find in Hoosierville).  I then add good quality mayo, no light or fat free and Dear God in Heaven No Miracle Whip. The mayo is mixed with milk to help it soak in, with additional mayo and a splash of milk stirred in with the veggies right before serving. Apple Cider Vinegar gives it a bit of tang, but it's tossed on the macaroni when it's hot, a Cooks  Country tip, so it soaks in for a few minutes, so not to curdle the dairy laden coating.  It came out perfect.

It's really good and was a hit with my friends. But be careful to hold on to your plate so someone doesn't grab it.


  1. I'm calling your bluff...I see no Spam in that recipe...it can't be Hawaiian.

  2. I already had supper but I could eat all of that if you put the plate in front of me, must be a cool weather thing. Like a bear getting ready for winter.

  3. So, does Brigid Jr love Spam like most Hawaiians? Me, I get my fondness for Spam from my Dad, the ex-pat Brit that he was...but I am dyin' for a can of Spam flavored Macadamia Nuts!


  4. Before the word macaroni sunk into my brain I had a brief daydream of Hawaiian Salad with the marshmallows and cherries and pineapple and whipped cream -...but the macaroni version sounds yummy too!

    LOL, I'm glad there's no Spam involved.

  5. As a life long lover of mayo, let me say that Miracle Whip is the Abomination of Desolation spoken of in the Bible.

  6. That last comment reminds me, if you need to get up from the table you can never trust your dog to watch your plate for you.

  7. Thats right.....none of that stinkin' Miracle Whip!

    I go for Best Foods (Hellmans) period.


  8. Black Forest Ham - Yes!
    Spam - NO!

    BFH w/fresh grilled pineapple on a toasted bun with Dijon!



  9. greg - you have a point. :-)

    Sunnybrook Farm - I had the last remaining bit of it for breakfast.

    Monkeywrangler - indeed. Partner in Grime made a pineapple upside down cake in a cast iron pan where underneath each piece of pineapple was a thin slice of SPAM sauteed in butter and brown sugar. Yum! I'm going to try it here soon and post the recipe.

    naturegirl - your version sounds pretty good. As a kid, one of my favorite side dishes at the dinner table was a simple fruit salad Mom made of bits of real orange (with the juice tossed in) chunks of apple, slices of banana and a very small handful of tiny marshmallows. I'm still looking through her recipes as I believe there was something else in it, I just can't remember. We probably had that two nights a week and scarfed it up.

    Daddy Hawk - I love a good balogna sandwich but it has to be just Hellmans and lettuce on white bread.

    Duke - my last black lab, Clyde, once scarfed down an entire Casey's Pizza while I went to the bathroom to wash up. I came out, the pizza on the table was gone, and he was in the corner, pretending to sleep, until the giant pepperoni belch.

    Idahobob - I knew there was another reason I just think you are so cool.

    gfa - you know me and my thing about mustard, but I'd try that with a bit of something else, grilled pineapple is the best.


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