Saturday, November 2, 2013

Electricity and Garlic Cheesebread - What Could Go Wrong?

I think I'm going to have to start laying in more coffee.

Saturday is always fun, especially when there's "arcs and sparks"  - electrical stuff to play with..  When you've got tools, shop, dog, a kitchen and your best friend, even more so. When Barkley first wandered down the hall with a "hey, it's time for my food" it was in the lower 40's.  I've been always happy to have my big fuzzy robe on such mornings.  It's long and very thick, with a dense light grey fur-like fabric. It's warm.

I also just realized that wearing it,  I look like Chuck E Cheese.

 Not the look I was going for.

Maybe if I make pancakes (with bacon perhaps) no one will notice the robe.

After breakfast, some calls to be made, this whole last name change causing my credit card companies to question a couple purchases

Ring Ring  "Doofenshmirtz Evil IncorporatedYou're calling about the giant laser purchase, I bet. "

Barkley, sulking he didn't get his own stack of pancakes, tries to blend in with his surroundings.  "She'll never notice me here !  Sorry pal, the orange collar blew your cover.
Then it's time for some fun.  Around here, there's no telling what you will find.  The Range has plenty of room for all kinds of gadgets, some being uncovered as shop space is rearranged..

An analytical balance!  What can be done with that?
How about a tower for a new computer.

The Compute -O-Matic
It's the right size, the right shape, hmmm.  Drop in a power supply, a tray for CD/DVD, a backing board for the motherboard.
What else would be cool  How about a voltmeter connected to hard drive light, surrounded by audio parts.  Yes!

But first, there's work to be done on the common neutral in the basement, including some work on the junction (this one just labeled "Pettycoat") among other things.
When the decision was made to live here, where Barkley and I were at home, as opposed to building a new place further out, I never imagined the fun it would be to make plans to finish the rest of the restoration.
  Thanks to the ballcap-inator I can work anywhere!

The right tools help, especially a crockpot to get a meal going while the work is being done. This took five minutes to make and a few hours later, was a tasty dinner.
Crock Pot Garlic Herb Chicken

Made with vinaigrette, garlic, basil, oregano, red pepper and slow cooked with potatoes and carrots til you can cut it with a spoon, it was great with cheese bread.

Did I say Cheesy Garlic Bread ?

 Then, time to curl up with an assortment of books.  Saturdays don't get a whole lot better.


  1. An Atom motherboard and small power supply would probably fit in the balance case, but if you have most of the working parts, a more interesting project would be to restore the original functionality and add USB capability or Ethernet via Arduino.

    Press a button, and the number from the scale appears in your spreadsheet or report.

  2. Electrical stuff isn't my thing, but I know enough that wires hanging down probably isn't good. If Barkley thought he wouldn't be seen on the futon - even the collar wouldn't help in that darkness of that basement LOL.

    Function should always trump fashion.

    Good luck with all the new name updating, seems the "computer age" only confuses things until it all sorts itself out.

  3. You know, it really is fun to restore an old house. This one has been in Lu's family since it was started in the 40s. But oh dear, the things you find! Good luck on the redo you guys. Loving reading about someone else hip deep in a labor of love!!

  4. Last name change? is there something your not telling us by any chance?

  5. LOL, way too many toys for y'all to play with... And that chicken looks GOOD!

  6. Roscoe - Pimp my Scale! It might be able to be run off of Raspberry Pi. Mmmmm Pi.

    naturegirl - another neutral was added so the circuits in the basement weren't sharing one. The old armored cable going to the upstairs outlets was removed and it was replaced with half inch electrical metal tubing and fresh wires were pulled to the outlets. The rest of the house is all done, electrical wise.

    Six - The living room and dining room is done but for replacing wall covering in a year or two. The wood in the place was phenomenal, truly old Mission style. The kitchen and bath, now that will be an undertaking.

    ajdshootest - Go back to last weekends post. Seems there was a party at the honestead.

    Old NFO - the chicken turned out really well, and the leftovers seasoned just right for salad or pasta dishes.

  7. Man, that is some REALLY cheeeezy garlic bread!


  8. Some of that is too familiar, some of it for very different reasons (I look like a hairless Chewbacca, with or without robe, but prefer the look), and some things that are just you and girly. Thanks for the chortles, grins, and chuckles.

    Not at you mind you, in empathy, sympathy, and in good spirits.

  9. Days like that are a treasure - I hope it was as much fun as it looks.

  10. Sounds like a PERFECT saturday....well there could have been some shooty stuff in there but that is just a quibble :D

  11. WOW! first allow me to apologize for being "tardy to the party," but these days it takes so long for the Express Rider to make it all the way out here from civilization in Phoenix. May you have more happy years together than you can hope to count!

    Ah, I guess offering to hire you to come out and cook for me now and then is probably out of the question. (Heavy sigh!)

  12. So you are no longer single? I KNEW I felt a disturbance in the Force, I also feel stupid that I didn't realize the import of the previous post on the day in question.

    I wish you and the lucky man much love and happiness, you deserve it and given you liked him enough to marry him, I assume he does too.

  13. Congrats! Jeeze, not two months ago I was told no date had been set...

  14. Belated congrats,i dont know why but
    i missed your blog for a couple of days in a row,all my best wishes to
    you and yours and not forgeting Mr Barkley.

  15. Let me see if I can remember what I wrote before I lost it into the ether.

    First, it takes a while for news to make it way out here by Express Rider from civilized places like Phoenix.

    May you and he know more years of happiness than either of you could ever imagine. May you grow old together in Joy and never lose site of one another, what each of you wants and what each of you needs. And trust me, he will never care what you look like over his morning cup of coffee, any more than you will of him.

    Know that you have a HUGE family that will keep good thoughts for your happiness, just as I did for my daughter; just as I will for my grand daughter.

    And from here, Life goes on. Cherish the adventure!

  16. "The wood in the place was phenomenal, truly old Mission style." - that makes it a must have, right there.

    I like rehabbing so I'm not going to say I feel sorry for you guys LOL. But the older the house, the stranger the things you come across in the tearing out process.......

  17. Idahobob - I used a pretty small loaf of bread so it got lots of extra cheesy spread. I could make a meal out of that stuff, seriously.

    Doom - thank you.

    Rev Paul - it was, except for the part where someone skunked me in cribbage later in the day. :_)

    Murphy(AZ) - thank you as well. Yes, I probably won't be loaned out to cook, but I'll be a good datenight for a potluck.

    warhawkeishere - yup, 20 years of singlehood gone :-)

    Drang - it wasn't, with the situation with my brother's health, nothing was planned that far out. I'll drop you a note with some photos.

    naturegirl - There's a "chimney to no where" and some other odd things, and it will be a couple years and some $$ along the way but it's a really cool house (you've all seen just a few photos of the back and side of it over the last year).

    Ajdshootest - Barkley did have to go to the kennel for the big day as "Aunt Tam", who usually can dog sit, was part of my wedding. He had fun though and could join us for the remaining days we had off together.

  18. I trust Partner in Grime knows that the HDD activity circuit shouldn't draw any more current than what is necessary to drive an LED. Feeding the signal into an "optocoupler" would let him do pretty much anything on the other side like smoothly moving the meter in proportion to drive activity with an integrator/filter combo.

  19. I see you found some darkside Skittles. Hope you like them.

    Hope you had fun wiring.


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