Sunday, November 3, 2013

Beach Blanket Blintzes - Dining Fun at the Warsaw Inn

There are a lot of middle European places to eat in northern Illinois.  You can't throw a pierogi without hitting one in most neighborhoods.  But this one bears the distinction of not only being consistently awesome, it's a reasonably equal driving distance for a group of friends. Angie's Warsaw Inn in Lynwood, Illinois.We've met here before for a quick lunch -
Today Partner and I went for an early dinner, joined by friends that live in Northern Hoosierland and surrounding vicinity, Midwest Chick and Mr. B., Og, Mrs. Og and the Oglette, who invited me over to try out her fencing weapon (which is NOT one of those little wimpy rapiers) and M., our engineer friend and big brother to Rich. 
It's a  buffet, all you can eat of fresh, made from scratch salads, soups, bread, potato pancakes like Grandmas (well, mine was Norwegian, her potato pancakes were more  like lutefisk), carved meats, duck, kielbasa sausage, turkey and dressing, pork chops and ribs on certain days, and always, their wonderful peppery fried chicken. It's not a place to eat if you're afraid of carbs or butter, but oh, what a selection there is.
There's  mashed potatoes and gravies, golabki (stuffed cabbage), cheese or apple nalesniki (blintzes) cheese, meat, potato and sauerkraut-filled pierogis, veggies, and pastries like kolaczki, jablecznik (apple cake) and chrusciki (if it's your lucky day).
There's also a soft serve ice cream to augment your pastries if you wish. We will definitely come back again for dinner. Their soups, homemade bread with honey butter and desserts are as good as anyone's Mom ever made, but when you get all the way down past all of the wonderful Polish creations, to the carving station, you wonder just how you can fit a slice of juicy roast beef on that already full plate (and the plates and the drinks just keep coming, if you wish, by a friendly and attentive waitress).
When you can get food like this as well as lots of laughter and stories (so tell me again how Og fended off a charging groundhog with a pair of barbecue tongs?) it's worth every calorie. Thank you Og, for treating us, and thank you everyone, for talking the time to share a little slice of your weekend with us.


  1. Beach Blanket Bingo it is not.

    Now to clean the drool up.

    Sometimes I wonder why I visit when you are in fine food consumption mode.

    busy cleaning more drool up.

    Have a good week.

  2. Pierogi are polish rohypnol. In case you wonder whence came the fresh tattoo.

  3. The only problem I ever run into at that restaurant is there's no way to taste everything. There is just so much and it is all good. I don't know when it is, but Whiting Indiana has a pierogi festival every year. A lot of Polish people still there and all are good cooks. Take care.

  4. Wow! I haven't been there in at least 20 years; in fact I forgot about it. I'm glad to see it's still there. It's restaurants like the Warsaw Inn that left me at a loss when looking for good food when I moved to Indiana.

  5. Hah! Oops, never mind. I was thinking of the one in McHenry...That'll teach me to comment before reading the whole article!

  6. Argh, again you've nostalgia'd me with somewhere I've actually been to many times. I'm glad to see it's still there, although I think it's been there forever already. (50+ yrs maybe? - don't want to give away my age but was a kid the first visit LOL)

    I probably said this last time you posted about it, but the only thing I miss about "back home" is all the good food there. If I ever do go back for a visit it will be to eat the whole time and probably gain a bazillion pounds in the process.

  7. My Gawd!

    I do believe that I could gain at least five pounds by just eating one meal there!

    Good thing that it is not here!


  8. I'm not one for stopping in the Chicago area, but next time we make the run from the lakeshore to the southern "estate" in Illinois, we ARE going to stop there. If I gotta be on 80, might as well make it worth the effort.

    You guys have any more good places for chow along the 80 corridor there? I can usually make the Kessel run without even stopping to drain the hyperdrive sump, ut the ewoks need at least a halfway point break.

    --Matt R.

  9. I know all these foods! My Grandmother was Austrian, so she had to learn the best of Polish, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Slovenian, and German. A little hike to the Polish Deli down the street for lunch is in order.

  10. Too funny!!! The wife and I were there earlier this year with all of her aunts and uncles. They are all slovak/polish. If you leave there hungry, its your own fault.

  11. john bord - breakfast that day was a couple of scrambled eggs. There was no dinner. It was worth it.

    og - I totally missed that.

    RichD - the cheese ones were like dessert!

    Suzanne - you're right, but those two are often confused. Thanks for visiting!

    naturegirl - we're only an hour or so away, so if you get out that way, drop me a "do not post" line and you're welcome to bunk at the range.

    idahobob - the rest of the week I'll be good, but it was fun to be bad.

    Rogue Aviaiton - no, sorry, I know of this place, and a good Bohemia place in Riverside, and there's a neat tavern in Oak Park, but that's about the only places I've eaten along that route.

    Windy Wilson - I grew up in a Scandanavian populated logging town. This food was completely foreign to me til I moved to the upper midwest. Probably a good thing or I'd need my own zip code by now.

    Pink - if you see a tall redhead with a spirited bunch that's probably us. Come on over and say hello


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