Friday, November 22, 2013

R and R

It's been a long week and a tough one mentally.  The day was too long  to safely hit the road  tonight so I'm getting some hot food, a good night's sleep, then I'll drive home. (And yes, that's a flip phone.  Before you give me any grief, remember I could probably whoop you at Asteroids :-)

I have no plans after that  involving anything more than old westerns, reloading, attempting to beat my husband (at cribbage), baking more bread and sleep. 

I'll be back with a post Sunday.  Until then,  I have the "three b's" on standby with a "breakfast for supper".  That would be Barkley, Bacon and Biscuits (with lingonberry preserves and a hot beverage with a shot of Jameson in it), before the long bubble bath.   Cheers!
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  1. We'll spare you grief about the flip phone, but you gotta tell the tale about the .303 brass!

    Enjoy the well-earned down time.

  2. Asteroids? Space Rocks!

    My next grad school presentation is new game development on old Atari hardware. Of course I did detailed research. :)

    If you don't have BBC-A or another means of seeing the "Doctor Who" anniversary show this weekend, drop me a line.

  3. You had me at "biscuits". :)

    Rest well, and travel safely.

  4. Enjoy your quiet evening. It was a cold wet and windy day here. Tomorrow is either a cold windy bike ride with DH on the tandem, or...a trip to the gun show if the weather is just too nasty to ride.

  5. Drive safe!

    He needs you, and so does Barkley!


  6. No teasing here. I still prefer flip-phones... if they would just make a decent smart flip I'd be in heaven.

    Enjoy your weekend, and Jameson's. I prefer Tullamore Dew Irish whiskey. But I certainly wouldn't begrudge someone else their favorites. Ever tried Tullamore?

    Be well.

  7. As long as you have some bacon, things are good. I use a flip phone, I have a hard time breaking that while working and well I actually use it as a phone and leave the computer at home. That is ancient as well, still using a pentium 3 in the man cave, just run puppy linux on it.

  8. My flip phone slips easily into my pocket, is unobtrusive, picks up signal well, has long battery life, nobody wants to steal it....

    No grief about the flip phone from me.

    How do you get the 30-30s to cycle through your handgun? I imagine the muzzleblast is a bit intimidating.

  9. Get your much deserved rest.

    I hope not just cribbage, but Mexican train, also! ;-)


  10. I wish they made a magic elf box that was as tough as a flip phone!

    Enjoy the Barkley, the bacon, the biscuits, and the bubble bath - hopefully in that order, with no Barkley in the bubble bath!

    And then have fun with the cribbage - I may yet have to crib notes from you on how to play that, and any house rules vs. husbands!

  11. Well my goodness. I kind of saw it coming but when did husband thing actually happen? CONGRATULATIONS

  12. Murphy's Law - the 303 brass was a fun day with colleagues so no photos, but it was fun.

    Roscoe - I dropped you a line, we don't have cable by choice and stream the episodes after they've been out a bit.

    Rev. Paul - welcome home from your little trip. I got in before lunch and it's been a good day.

    Monkeywrangler - very cold here, down in the 20's, but clear.

    drjim - I did, the truck traffic was pretty light that early out. I'm glad I didn't drive back last night at 10 pm

    Doom - I have not tried that particular beverage and do believe I will try it. Thanks!

    Sunnybrook Farm - This phone is pretty indestructible.

    JoeMama = I've dropped it, stepped on it, I think it's been run over once in the field in soft dirt. It just keeps ringing.

    idahobob - two rounds of Mexican Train while the chicken marinated. We're tied at this point.

    On a Wing - next time you're up I'll teach you. My dad played for years, I sort of would play with him, and finally last year, learned the game properly. It's a LOT of fun and you can play it anywhere. The shotgun cribbage board is also a blast.

    Chris - we didn't blog it, it was a pretty private day, Miss D, Midwest Chick, Tam and Roberta were there with me, Bayou Renaissance Man did the ceremony, just a handful of friends, just the way we wanted. The Dr. Who wedding cake though was in a post the later part of October.

  13. He'll probably let you win at cribbage once in a while out of kindness.

  14. I don't have BBC America. My friends with access to the channel still ask me about new episodes because the commercials drive them nuts.

    We would ditch cable completely, but we have kids who are still into Sponge Bob.

  15. Congrats to you and Mr. Mausersandmuffins, and may you have many years of happiness together!!!

  16. I thought the tone of your blog had changed "...attempting to beat my husband..."

  17. congradulations! I wander off across the country and you make some life changes too!

    I'll take that challenge on Asteroids though :D


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