Sunday, December 1, 2013

Cloudy With a Chance of Physics - Sunday Adventures

Entropy isn't what it used to be...

The morning started off abrupty, when I woke early from a nightmare.  Partner asked me what it was and I said

"I was speaking at this giant conference center, got separated from my group and was being chased by a giant feral pig!"

He chuckled and said "you've got to lay off the bacon".

Rather than try to go back to sleep, it was up to create something in the kitchen

When you start the day with Sour Cream Pancakes  and homemade sugar syrup with vanilla, the day is just going to go better. Very light and moist with a hint of cardammon.
Take that, giant feral pigs! 
Soon, it will be time to work more on the kitchen/plumbing project.  New pipes going in and being moved, as the sink will be on a different wall.  But first some work on the washing machine plumbing.

Here's the antique sink (it's dirty from transport but in really good condition)
It's just a rough sketch (and OK, someone spilled water on it :-) but this is how it will look.
How is my soldering?  Well, I learned the first lesson of that while young (that also included "never get between electricity and where it wants to go").  If you're going to solder in shorts, shave your legs.  That being said, I'm slightly better than Barkley at it, but improvement is possible.

I'm reminded of a sticker that's down in the basement.
Time for a break.  It's in the 40's, a good time to walk to the local pub for tea and an early supper.
Sorry Barkley, no dogs allowed. You'll have to find something to do to entertain yourself until we get back.
Full of fish and chips (I had some yummy colcannon instead of chips) and tea, we enjoyed a nice long walk home to see how Barkley fared in our absence.

"Oh, P.  - Barkley's been playing Mexican Train again!"
I'm thinking that's a hint.  It's getting dark out.  We should play a game andthen curl up with some books and leave the remaining plumbing for another day.  Sounds like a plan.
 I hope you all had a fun and productive weekend, whatever you ended up doing.


  1. DH and the Monkeys did wonders on the Great Garage Purge while I was out at a bike ride. Then he and I worked on organizing the new free space and setting up a 5-shelf utility rack. Might have to hang Acrobins off the side of it even! The rest of the time was spent between laundry duty and processing brass.

  2. Chased by a dream hog, he's right could be the bacon. That sink looks like the one that was at one of my grandparents house, they are so handy with that area to put the dish rack on. The old ones are nice and heavy.
    The fish and chips look wonderful, I have trouble finding them around here in the mountains.

  3. Ack, sweating copper pipes. I love that sink by the way. That is going to look awesome!

  4. Ok, I'll ask the obvious question: how many people does it take to carry that sink? And will you use a crane to hold it while positioning it? LOL

    I bet you become a soldering wizard by the time this is over. :)

    Apparently Barkley plays with his food. Eating is reserved for what's paw-reachable up on the counter.

  5. Recreational plumbing?

    You may find some inspiration here.

  6. Naturegirl - you need to use force times distance. :-)

  7. This should protect you from feral hogs:

  8. Peripatetic Engineer - ha!

    Nosmo King - hit the wrong button. sorry. The copper pipes are bacteriostatic which is why I prefer them for what's coming in to drink.

  9. Trying to get back on US sleep cycle... sigh...

  10. Yeah, that built in dish rack drain on the sink is the bomb.

    Maybe fifteen years ago, a pack rat uncle of mine dropped by and gave me an old siren he had picked up from a garage sale somewhere, and it's been sitting in my garage ever since. This weekend, the kids and I put it in the truck, with a cool toggle switch to set it off. Mucho fun, and it goes well with the Ahoo- gah horn we put in a month ago. Who needs video games to have fun?

  11. Happy soldering, and wishing you good luck on the kitchen redo adventures.

    Quick question, Will that sink be used for washing ALL your dirty dishes, or is there a dishwasher hiding in the kitchen somewhere?

    The reason I ask is because the old wall mount style faucets have valve inserts that tend to wear out in approximately a year if you turn them on & off regularly to rinse dishes. The hot will start to leak first and will do it on a holiday when you have company coming and all the home improvement stores are closed. Keep a spare valve insert on hand at all times. We found the last one at Home Depot as the local hardware store stopped stocking them.

    In case you hadn't already guessed, I have an old drainboard sink, but to save on parts and water, I usually have a wash pan in the sink, a rinse pan on the drainboard, and then a bath size towel with the dish drying rack on the counter next to the sink. If there is room in the kitchen for a little counter space on the left, it might be a good idea to add it. Otherwise, plan on annual maintenance.

    Oh, and put a dish rag in the the bottom of the sink or invest in a rubber cushion for your dishes. Cast iron is a very elastic collision surface (in the physics sense of the word elastic). Fragile dishes do not reflect very well.

  12. Mrs. S - thanks for the advice. We're adding a long counter to the left of the sink for lots of extra space (making sort of an L shape).
    Good to know on the washers. As little as we're home with our travels it might last a bit longer but that's good to know. The kitchen iteself if small, I asked for storage space in place of a dishwasher, but we'll have it set up where if we sell the place we can add one in easily.

    c.w. swanson - you DO know how to have fun!

    Old NFO - good luck with that. Partner heads abroad shortly and will be back into that routine too soon.

  13. The tricks to soldering are few and well-known:
    1. CLEAN the end of the pipe and inside the fitting, use steel wool or fine sandpaper.
    2. FLUX, using non-corrosive flux, my favorite is NoCorrode
    3. HEAT: the solder should flow all around the fitting very quickly.
    4. Using non-acid-core solder, of course. I've never used the new lead-free, but understand that special flux might be required.

    Personally, I've used CPVC plastic since 1968 and will not use copper unless forced to. The tricks to using it are similar: clean, prime, cement, let it set for at least 8 hours.

  14. LOVE that antique sink. I must be the antique, though, as that sink was in my first serious apartment about 40 years ago. It was a flat in a c. 1900, 3-family home. I loved it then, and I'd get one today if my living space allowed!


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