Saturday, December 21, 2013

For Yesterday's Hunting Story - Some Hunting Photos

So, where does 80 pounds of Farmer's Sausage come from?

Sorry kids, it's not from the magic meat machine at the grocery store, it's from these two bad boys
No, neither of those were my kill, those were Neil's and Marty's.  Let's just say my opening day deer LOOKED a lot bigger late day from 75 yards. Still, a decent doe with perhaps 40 pounds of meat, but when I sent the photo via phone to my 90 + year old Dad, he said "did you accidentally shoot a dog?"

The "whitetail spaniel" jokes have not yet stopped.

But you know, the best part about deer camp.  When someone shows up with the "box".  It's been in a jeep, it's been ferried in many a boat, it's been reverently hauled across land by squirrel forces unwilling to leave it's contents behind, come hell or high water.  When it appears,  everyone is  happy.  It's like the Tardis, but made out of wood.
It's NOT bigger on the inside, but what it holds is even more magical.

It's the Pie Box!
When you show up with the Pie Box, no one's going to care if you don't bring home a trophy.



  1. The PIE Box is loved more then a case of MRE's well maybe. LOL.

    You can take the PIE away from the girl, but the girl will always know how to make PIE.

  2. How neat, a pie box, that would make anyone happy to see you with that in tow. If you go hunting be prepared for a hard time from the other hunters, if they didn't like you they wouldn't do it. I always say that you can't eat antlers!

  3. For venison mincemeat pie, see my brother's blog post.
    Grandma Hammersley's mincemeat

  4. Yeah, I've bagged a few blacktail cousins of that "whitetail spaniel". Not very big, but good eating. And much easier to carry/drag out of the woods.

  5. Love that Encore rifle. An American classic firearm if there ever was one.

  6. I've never seen a pie box before - what a great idea!

  7. PIE!

    Again, you kill me (as well as a dog!)

    What a great idea for bringing pastry out-of-doors!

    Hope it doesn't attract bears, like bacon does?


  8. Oooh, pie!

    Penny and Erik are thrilled when one of daughter's clients shows up every year at tax time. Whatever deer is still in his freezer from the previous year moves over to our freezer for Penny and Erik.

  9. Those are a couple of decent looking bucks. Based on what I weighed out as I loaded the freezer, my two does I took this year yielded 82 pounds(and some of that is beef fat mixed in). But golly, the chops are fork tender.

    It's amazing how different things are around the country...seeing your muzzle-loaders with scopes on them is strange...but, then, I bet they are using 209 primers also, another no-no in Washington.

  10. Crud...meant to ask if there was a side-pocket on that box for a bottle of Fireball...the last few years, THAT has been the secret ingredient at hunting camp.

  11. I now have a the desire to make a pie box. Except I think I will need to make one that looks like the TARDIS.


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