Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Girls Night Out - Let it Snow

I have a close gal friend in town for the night for business, and she's staying with Barkley and I.  So the post will be short.  We had an enjoyable drive to supper, looking forward to the good service at our favorite Thai place (not the restaurant where someone who shall not be named, pulled fake spiderwebs from a shopping bag from the post Halloween sale and draped them over her chair and still form, face down on the table, during the last minutes of the 40 minutes or so there was no water, food or server, Voilà.  Instant Waiter!)

After a great meal, and a long walk for Barkley before the snow arrives in a day or so, we're lounging.  I'll be next in for the hot shower, then jammies, a hot drink and giggling like two school girls waiting for school to be cancelled because it's going to snow.

Friends are great, in all kinds of weather.


  1. Hope you have a great time with your visitor. I bet Barkley will enjoy even more attention than normal!

  2. Yes friends are, even more so if you are willing to get snowed in with them! Have fun you two!

  3. Sounds wonderful. :) Love the relaxation time with friends.

  4. She's getting all kinds of good deals... LOL I took her to dinner last night.


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