Thursday, December 19, 2013

Taysiders in Space - Notes From Sick Bay

Still out of gas, but ten hours sleep, with a little help of Dilithium Crystals Benydryl, helped. Then after Barkley was  fed and out, I stood under really hot water for as long as it lasted before getting dressed.  I can actually breathe without  sounding like the threshers festival, so that's good. 

Since there is no real post in me today, just a smile, for all of you and  someone I know who is over there this week, saving the planet and trying to survive the pub food at the "Grease and Weasel" .
Scottish Star Trek.  You have to know a lot more about Scotland than most to faich this ooot, but enjoy.  


  1. Get well soon, your loyal fans need you!

  2. Bummer
    Not a good bay to be residing.
    Get to feeling better.

  3. Hope you get to feelin' better soon... the gals and I have all had a round of some nasty bug at some point this fall... but hopefully you'll be back to forensic geekery in no time at all...

    I'm sure Tam will have another girls-day-out in your future when you feel better...

    Dann in Ohio

  4. That was funny! My son came in, and asked, "Mom, are they speaking a foreign language?" LOL.

    I have an ear for the UK accents, but a thick Scottish brogue has always been a tough one for me.

  5. Praying that you feel better soon.
    You invoke many feelings in your prose, and now I'm feeling a little under the weather.

  6. Get well soon.

    Don't laugh too much; it might make you cough.

  7. Wishing you a quick recovery from sick bay. I need my daily fix. Do enjoy your posts!

    Al in western Carolina

  8. That is a funny video. Hope you get well soon.

  9. Tay siders was hilarious :D good find B.

  10. Glad you're improving! Get well soon!

  11. Gee, get well soon.
    Thanks for the evocative essay, it's very good and touching.
    And am I to understand that they have to dub American TV shows into Scottish English?

  12. I still bust up very time the communications officer says-

    “Captain, there a right big whore ae a spaceship comin’ towards us, an ye want tae see the bastardin’ size o’ the thing, it’s a good yin or twa size bigger than oors ken!”


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