Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ball Peen Hammer cooking - Butterfinger Cake

 Loose E!   You have some 'Splainin to Do!

 It was just one of those weeks.

Key issues with the blogging computer, a lot of squirrels on leave or out with the flu. Plus it was minus 17 to start the week.  What to do to brighten the day?  Bring in some goodies for the skeleton crew that is working.

Scooby Snacks.

Butterfinger cake. 

This lower sugar(185 grams less) Range adaption of a very popular "all over the internet recipe", doesn't get much easier.  Bake your favorite devils food cake recipe or mix that will fix a 13 x 9 pan.  Poke holes in the top a couple inches a part with the end of a wooden spoon when still warm and pour a small jar of Smuckers butterscotch ice cream topping (thinned with 1 and 1/2  Tablespoons of cream so it's more pourable) over the top, spreading with a spatula so it fills up the holes. Whip up a pint of real whipped cream with a small box of  sugar free instant French vanilla pudding and 3 to 4 Tablespoons of milk to get the thickness you want and  top with 3 regular sized butterfingers which you've whacked in their wrapper with a ball peen hammer, the remains scattered over the frosting.
It didn't last long. 

I think everyone was feeling better afterwards.


  1. My chocolate allergy makes the cake of no interest, but .. hey! Dalek books! :)

  2. Now that looks good, things like that just don't last, you have to make extra and leave it at home.
    Have a look at my blog and tell me what kind of 4 engine plane I got a photo of. I never see those around here.

  3. Sunnybrook Farm - hard to tell with the photo, but it's NOT a 777 or Airbus 380. I'm thinking military (I can't tell if the shape of the tail is as depicted or if that's shadow).

  4. If you are in the market for a new machine, I saw an ASUS T100 in person a few weeks ago, and the owner let me spend some time playing with the machine. Nice, compact, very cool ... even if it does run Windows 8.

    Okay, the touch screen is fun to play with.

  5. Looks like the plane on Sunnybrook Farm's blog has a Lufthansa logo on the tail. 747-8?

  6. E's escaping! (couldn't resist awful pun)

    I'm surprised there's that much cake left in the "after" picture.

    And: Someone please invent smell-o-monitors.

  7. Roscoe - if you knew how simple and old my computer was you'd probably roll your eyes. Remember, I'm the gal with the flip phone. :-)

    naturegirl - hehehehe. Good one. I had to sort of horn in and get a photo while there was still a piece or two to photograph. It was gone in minutes.

    Roscoe - I think you're right, I enlarged it and it's definitely civilian.

  8. We need to set you up with an Apple computer. Which would likely get you going with a new and even more delicious apple themed desert...

  9. The cake sounds like the Monkeys would suck it down in a heartbeat, but it was the meat and cheese sunflower that caught MY eye!

    Hope you have a nice pleasant weekend, Brigid. Sounds like you need one.

  10. Hang in there... it WILL get better!

  11. I understand why people keep flip phones. You're not the only one. Most of the time, "smart" phones require compromising battery life, signal quality, and privacy, and the security in an Apple or Android phone certainly isn't "Secret Squirrel" quality.

    TPA has (or had) at least one Lufthansa flight a week. I would occasionally see the logo on trips to the Post Office at lunchtime when I worked nearby.

  12. Looks yummy!
    (But, I'm a sucker for chocolate!)


  13. I think I just had a heart attack thinking about eating the whole thing by myself. You see, the kids don't need the calories ...

  14. You're gonna make me fat, I keep reading this blog, Brigid!


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