Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekend Adventures - Be It Ever So Crumbled. . .

. . . there's no place like home.

Day One.

This was the weekend of the plumbing project for the hallway bathroom, now that Snowmagedden was past and temps in the 40's had melted almost all of the snow.  I'm not sure if the plumbing here is original (almost 100 years old) or if it just looks like it (though I think the  first floor bathroom plumbing was redone when it went "pink" in the Sixties). There is always work in renovating an old house, but if you pay a professional to do it all, it also gets very expensive. But I wouldn't trade the charm of this place (and the shop) for the biggest of pre made McMansions.
The water was going to be off for the weekend, but there was plenty stored for all of us to clean up with and drink, including Barkley.

He was looking none too happy when I got in from work. He came up limping slightly Friday and went to the vet Sat. morning.  He was eating well, and didn't seem in too much discomfort but it was best to check it out as the Vet is closed on Sunday, had it gotten worse.

The paw and toenails were good, it was just some muscle strain on the shoulder, likely when he was skittering around on the ice rink that was the driveway (when it's that cold the salt does nothing).  The vet gave him some safe doggie equivalent of Ibuprofen and said to keep him quiet for a few days, minimal stairs and jumping up on furniture and he'd be fine.

He certainly sulked though when I refused to chase him around and throw toys in the air for him, urging him to his doggie bed, and putting a baby gate up on his favorite spot to snooze when no one is looking, the futon in the office where I write.
I'm not even going to play with the power tools you left me. 

OK, spaces in the walls are open where need be and things moved from a closet that will be used for access..

Where to put a nest of bow ties?  (The 11th Doctor has nothing on Partner in Grime)
To the basement!
It's not just a waterfowl, it's a warning.
Yes, another pink bathroom, just like the original Range.  But this one is in good shape, and the handrails the previous elderly owner left served me well after knee surgery to repair the meniscus, which unfortunately, would NOT buff out.  This will be the last room renovated, once the plumbing is updated so there's more than a little thin spray of hot water.
I know another tool I'll need.
Whenever things don't go so well
and you want to hit the wall and yell
Here's a little dammit doll
that you can't do without
Just grasp it firmly by the legs
and find a place to slam it
And as you whack the stuffing out
yell Dammit!  Dammit!  Dammit!
On the plus side Mom, this is greatly reducing my chances of having to take a late night bath.

Day Two
OK, there's a little more work to do, but there's homemade banana bread with Cardamom.

Road trip!

 Why yes, I have been in here before!

Day 3

The pipes are all shiny and new, there is hot and cold water, and Barkley is feeling his old self again.  And even with paperwork and supplies we probably saved one or two thousand bucks (plus the cost of replacing one Dammit Doll).

Thanks for visiting!  I'll be back with a gear review and more Range stories this week.


  1. How many trips to the store? In my world plumbing is at least 3 trips.
    Being able to solder copper pipe has saved me thousands of dollars of the years.

  2. Only you could make the lead-in & back story so intriguing. :)

  3. Nice job. Pink bath?? My brother had a bedroom once that was pink when we moved in. It didn't last long I will tell you that. Around here that damn it doll wouldn't last too long maybe 1/2 a day. big grin.

  4. When I first saw the doll, I thought that it might be an LL voodoo doll. Imagine my relief.

  5. That neighborhood reminds me of some from my childhood days. Blue Island, Beverly, Evergreen.....they just don't make houses like that any more. I do have to chuckle about you seeming to end up with pink bathrooms, and yeah that has to go just as soon as you get the plumbing parts under control. I don't know how you missed all the plastic tiled aqua ones, instead of pink LOL.

    Poor Barkley, welcome to older age when winter is just yucky.

    As for the doll, still looks like the beginning of a project - still has a head to apply pliers to. Hehe....

  6. Ok, you made Lu laugh. She also says I need a Dammit Doll!!

  7. I don't like plumbing work. If I had a pink bathroom I would simply declare it beautiful. If no one bought that, I'd promise a remodel when "other projects" were done. With luck, I could delay until 60s-pink make a stylistic comeback and is advertised on all the teevee channels.

    It is similar to the reasoning preventing me from taking a three-button tweed sport jacket with one-inch lapels to Goodwill.

  8. I have a plumbing project to do, the main shutoff inside the house has failed and won't close. It should be easy, what could go wrong? I am missing a dammit doll, in fact I need several of them. Do they come in a large size?

  9. Now I want a dammit doll...heheh whod a thunk I would want to play with dolls when I was in my 50's. :D

  10. My GAWD.....that pink bathroom!

    It would seem like being inside a bottle of Pepto-Bismol!



  11. Oh poor Barkley! I sure hope it is just a muscle strain. Glad to spot lots of small runner rugs on the hardwood floors--he will appreciate them as he ages...

    I did spy one of my favorite essential household items, back on the shelf by the window (MAP torch picture) PC7. Yes! DH loves to tease me about my fondness for PC7, but I find it just plain works.

    And a trick I learned from a plumber once--Wonderbread. Yep, when you cut a wet pipe, plug the end with a loose (not wadded up)chunk (crust free) of Wonderbread. It will stop the pipe from dripping on your head, and will disintegrate quite well without causing any undesired blockages after you have finished your repairs.

    noticing that I too have a large project in store for today....

  12. Ugh. Plumbing. Hate doing it, but it's so nice once it's done.

  13. Only TWO days? I'm impressed!!! :-)

  14. Besides the dammit doll, think on this, "When something goes wrong in your life just yell, 'PLOT TWIST' and move on."

  15. Rest assured that new or newer homes still need repairs and revisions, and probably more often than you might think ! I liked your pink bathroom in that it is very similar to the one in the home my parents had when I was a small girl. How funny that in the 1960s one bathroom was more than adequate for an entire family, and now, we have three ! It's just more to clean !
    BTW "Home Teapot" as my youngest son used to call it, as a very tiny child, is my ancestral homeland too ! LOL

  16. Chip - Only one trip AFTER the trip that was supposed to cover everything.

    Rev Paul - well, thank you.

    Rob - Rewiring, woodwork, floors, basement shop and kitchen were the order of priories. Kitchen next, but when it's a little warmer out and we can grill for a few days.

    TinCan - I'm not sure where everything is going to go.

    LL - you dodged a bullet there :-)

    naturegirl - My best friend from my early flying days lives in Evergreen, that was a beautiful area last time I visited.

    Six - It got whacke3d more than once.

    Jim - when cleaned up though, the pink looks like new, so I can live with it another year while everything else is done. Cash for everything, one project at a time, when we have time. My work day today started at 5:30 so I'm not too keen on such nights to take on anything after dinner is made and cleaning done.

    I'd keep the jacket as well, one never knows.

    Sunnybrook Farm - Have the large doll handy the next time you say "what can go wrong". . .

    immagikman - it has been good for some grins, that's for sure (it went to work to me one day, and several people borrowed it).

    Jennifer - having a big GUSH of hot water come out instead of a puny little trickle was wonderful. The bathtub filled in half the time.

    Idahobob - if you draw the white shower curtain and focus eyes upward to the non tile area which is a off white, the pink glare isn't too bad.

    Monkeywrangler - you have a good eye! Barkley is feeling much better, no limp, but I'll still watch it and give him the anti inflammatory med as the vet recommended. I got some more pet safe ice salt, but unfortunately with the weather we had, it just didn't help and he was slipping as we were trying to get outside.

    Old NFO - well two and a half, it was finished up after a few hours of work on day 3. Partner went and got all the stuff and prepped everything beforehand which helped.

    OK, did anyone not notice the "redneck pipe cap" in the one picture? (enlarge it).

    Blaine Clark - "plot twist" I like that. I think I will write that on the bathroom scale.

    Jane of Virginis - home teapot, cute! I agree with the new home, my first giant McMansion, I bought on my own, custom home, had things break, including a basement that flooded my first new years eve there.

    We just have the one main bath, and a half bath in the shop. There's room to add one upstairs but no plans to, though a shower is going to go into the half bath, so we have something to use when the pink thing is gutted.

  17. You have beautiful woodwork in your house. The oak dresser is spectacular. I don't know where you live, but it looks like four blocks from downtown. Those lawyers and doctors wanted to be away from the dust and noise but within easy walking distance of the main crossroads.

  18. One weekend??? I'm impressed. And the plumbing deity's were feeling generous. The last plumbing 'project' was last year converting a half of a walkout basement to an in-law suite for my 91 year old father-in-law. Was converting existing large bath to a low threshold shower and making the bath handicap friendly. Knew I'd have to chisel some concrete for the shower drain. Then discovered that the drain was 1" with no trap. Ended up trenching 11 1/2 feet of the concrete floor to the waste stack to connect it properly. Also no plumbing vent. Had to open up walls on 1st and 2nd floors to install one. Could have used a case of dammit dolls, would have worn out one multiple times. Glad your job went as well as it did. Take care.


  19. Redneck Pipe cap? Would that be the 2nd pic, top of frame, that stubbed off and crimp/crushed bit of pipe? If so, I only noticed it since you mentioned it.

    BTW, I find keeping a 40# bag of sand in the garage (use a coffee can to carry some for icy surfaces) to be better than salt for traction on ice. Pet safe, and works even when salt doesn't. We sand down our neighbor's driveway for him in icy weather, as he has bad knees.

  20. Let's try this again with the bananas in it this time :-)


    If anyone wants the banana bread recipe (it was very light and flavorful, a nice change from some of the more dense bit still tasty, loaves of quick bread).

    1/2 a stick of butter
    2/3 cup sugar
    1 teaspoon molasses

    Mix with electric hand mixer until fluffy. Mix in 2 eggs, 1 teaspoon vanilla, two large or 3 small overripe (turning black) bananas, mashed and a dollop of sour cream (about 2 Tablespoons) still using hand mixer. (blend well but it won't be completely smooth with the fruit in there)

    In another bowl mix
    1 and 2/3 cup flour
    3/4 teaspoon salt
    1/2 tsp baking soda
    1/2 teaspoon baking powder
    1/2 teaspoon Cardamon (or cinnamon or nutmeg)

    Mix wet and dry ingredients together with a spoon and bake at 350 F for 50 minutes, until a knife inserted in it (but not in the crack that forms on the top) comes out clean

  21. "OK, did anyone not notice the "redneck pipe cap" in the one picture? (enlarge it)."

    Nope, totally missed that. And missed the bananas missing too, I guess LOL. Too distracted by memories, hehe. I seem to recall those sink legs unscrew, now that I see one of them again heh. (That memory is one of the more painful ones.)

  22. Monkeywrangler = yes indeed. The Wonder bread sounds like a unique idea that would work.

    James - if what comes up from the street to the house goes bad, there's going to be cement coming up, but for now, fairly easy stuff.

    JoeMama - some of the furniture is just from Craigslist, that came from an antique dealer, and was a gift from Partner.

  23. We ended up removing about 7 and a half feet of copper pipe in the kitchen wall and replacing it with PEX pipe. In less than three total feet of copper (from two different pipes), there were a total of six splices. The stud space was improperly insulated, and those splices were a recipe for splitsville happening again, so we just took it all out, put in the better pipe that takes longer to freeze and will actually expand/contract a little if it does, reinsulated and reinsulated well, and closed the wall back up. The walls were just painted last Friday.


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