Thursday, February 6, 2014

Barkley Update

The vet called today, all the blood screen came back normal, no indications of white blood cell issue and liver numbers good.  Yay! So infection ruled out.  It's either a soft tissue injury that won't show up from manual examination or x rays from something he did when no one was looking, or something I don't want to think about right now.  I'm going for the first.  The Range is not fenced yet so he's on a leash there, and it happened up there, so he might have tried to hump the exercise bicycle when we were at work or planted his dismount from that badly. There's no telling.

If that is what it is, this week of down time and pain meds should fix it. It's been three weeks since the limp first showed up.  If not, then another set of x rays of the area in question (ulna, radius, humerus) to see if there is any change in the bone. If there is, we have something more serious on hand. It's hard being away from him  but he needed quiet, a regular adjustment of pain meds the doctor can closely monitor. I couldn't do that with my schedule this week.  But he's got it worse than I, simply lonely here.
 - Brigid