Sunday, February 2, 2014

Over the River. . .

. . .and through the Woods to Tamara's House We Go.

Girls day out wasn't going to be ruined by fresh snow out at the crash pad.  The driveway was shoveled and a light breakfast prepared (with cackleberries fresh off of a squirrel pal's homestead on Thursday).
On Super Bowl Sunday, with no big screen in sight, the Broad Ripple Brew Pub was pretty quiet. and for some odd reason, no one was dining outside.
We ended up away from the windows, where the light's not great for photos, but it was considerably warmer.
You know when you see someone taking  a picture of their friend taking a picture of their food, you have a blogger on your hands.
One of today's  appetizer specials - Mexican White Wings  (Baked chicken breast strips wrapped in applewood-smoked bacon with slices of fresh jalapeno, deep fried and tossed in BBQ wing sauce with blue cheese dressing.)
Tam  had the Red Miso Flank Steak.  It's tenderized for days in a Japanese red miso, sake, mirin, and pepper marinade, grilled to order and served with garlic-soy green beans, organic brown rice, and spicy cucumbers. 

I had one of their little pizzas, the one pictured  has bacon and jalapenos and feta.
If you live in the Indy area and haven't tried one of the craft beers or meals at the Broad Ripple Brew Pub you're missing out. It's right off the Monon Trail, easy to hike and bike to from various parts of the city, and a short drive off of I-465.
It was a great way to wind down the weekend catching up on things, as it just seems like it was the other day Tam when was in my Bridal Posse, and that's been 3 months.  There was talk of food and other friends and why climbing a tall library case of books like it's the Eiger will get you in trouble.  Of course, as the food was consumed, the talk was interrupted by chewing, and  I missed some punctuation and and said

"They're restoring chickens?"  (actually it was . . .  Victorian House restoration COMMA chickens in the back yard)  That had us with the giggles, picturing how you restore chickens.  "Do you have your chicken up on the rack?"  "No really, just get the scratch marks out".

Too soon it was time to go.  Designated Driver, to the Bat Truck! 
With a 4 a.m. wake up for work and a long day expected, I'll be missing the Super Bowl (considering I don't even know who is playing, that's not a surprise). But I will be back in a day or two with a post on a  little bug out kit essential I found and a link to a nifty new prepping blog that popped up this week.


  1. Have a good week, stay safe my friend

  2. I think I'll try my hand at those Mexican white wings. They look devilishly good.

  3. Stay safe, and we will all keep reading !

  4. What are cackleberries? I've never heard of them, at least by that name.

    And those Mexican White Wing things look divine! I've got to try cobbling that recipe together, though I might skip the deep-fry and just bake it all instead.

    Hope you have a quiet week, and no crappy weather, though I suspect you will get the bad WX on Wednesday based on the forecasts I am seeing for the Midwest.

  5. Rob - Thank you. Your family, as always, is in my prayers.

    Erin - right back at ya.

    cw swanson - I made them once, grilling rather than deep frying and they were awesome.

    Jane of Virginia - I will, it was a really long day, but I'm in for the night, and all is well.

    Monkeywrangler - cackleberries are what my Dad always called eggs :-)

  6. Dang, I missed wishing you a happy St. Brigid’s day. Was just reading about the Irish Goddess version of that and couldn't help but think you honor her quite well and still are entirely YOU.

    So, yeah, Happy St. Brigid’s day. :)

  7. I used to live in Indy. I miss Broad Ripple, especially Union Jacks!


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