Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I'm not big on fashion accessories, including jewelry. My usual "accessories" involve things that go "bang" and my idea of a fun "date" is a tractor/steam engine show.  But I have this one choker style necklace made out of woven black leather with a little silver heart dangling from it.  I wore it fairly often.  It was cheap, but I liked it, til it  was finally worn to the point it ended up in a drawer and I couldn't find anything like it without spending too much money.

Til last weekend when Partner in Grime, after time in the Batshop, presented me with this (I loved the little red heart dangling from it).

Paracord - better than Zales.
And it can double as a handy Ninja garrotte!


  1. You can start your own line of paracord accessories! Looks like the dolls are setting on a model T.

  2. I am REALLY impressed by how he made the dangly bit!

  3. I love it! You have a good husband there, Brigid.

    You do have a breakaway clasp for it though right? I'd hate to read you got it caught up in some piece of machinery and suffered the consequences.

    Stormdrane's blog probably has links for the breakaways....

    What's the word on Barkley this week?

  4. But you can't use that in emergencies when you need cord asap, it's too special to tear apart.

    I'm surprised Partner can't fix the leather choker, too. He's pretty handy with leather stuff.

    How's Barkley? Still improving?

  5. You've gotta love when accessories are dual purpose! lol

  6. Love it! And one of a kind, for sure.

  7. Hm. Maybe an inflammation that just won't go away? Hope Barkley gets better soon!

  8. I have never worn jewelry and Joe has given me gorgeous rings and necklaces. If I had a pretty neck now, like you do, I'd be sporting' that paracord!!

    For some reason, I just thought of having a paracord G-string and nearly died laughing. Oh, the pain!

  9. Was that for V-day? All I could muster was a well-wish, and late. But, not wanting to end there, I found something else for you.

    Yeah, you cross my mind from time to time. More like a sister, but just as sweet, in a way, in the right ways? I wish I could make you one, but this will... do. I hope.

  10. Hope Barkley's health improves.

  11. Doom - the oatmeal on the table is looking less interesting now. Thanks!

    BobG - He's going back to the vet this morning for follow up x rays. We've still not got a good resolve on the limp. Without pan meds he's not doing so well, so I hope there's some resolve to this.


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