Sunday, February 23, 2014

Why You Shouldn't Give the Keys to Your New Car To a Whovian

They'll just Doctor it up.
Partner should have known not to give me the keys to the new Escape (replacement for the old Exploder).


  1. " They'll just Doctor it up."


  2. LOL That is more fun than the usual stick figures of boring people.

    This also reminded me of when I first got married; realizing I could drive a car that wasn't "mine". That sounds funny, but it was odd to just get keys to something different.

  3. Escape? Exploder? Man, you guys are Earth F***** drivin' fools!

    And good for you!

    (PS - I 'assume' you still have the British roller skate and pickup?)


  4. Look out! They'll plunge you to death ... or make you an omelet!

  5. Groan! Indeed.
    But in good way.

  6. Out of curiosity, we watched the first half of "In The Loop" (search on Netflix) the other night. The movie has a great performance from new Doctor Peter Capaldi, but it isn't for the kiddies or those sensitive about naughty words. Still, if you want to know what kind of intensity he brings to roles, that is the flick to watch IMHO.

    Capaldi is also good in the BBC's new "The Musketeers" series, but I don't know if that one has made it across the Atlantic yet.

  7. lol I love it :) that'll learn him :D

  8. Murphy's Law - I'm sure it will get a few puzzled looks from the neighbors.

    drjim - couldn't resist.

    naturegirl - I've just driven it the once, but it sure is easier to park than the extended cab truck.

    John Peddie - likely, they are

    armedlaughing - the British roller skate and Chevy truck are still much in the picture. The Exploder was close to 200,000 miles and it was time to replace.

    Rev Paul - A dalek-table omlette, I'm sure.

    Rob - :-)

    joated - thanks!

    Roscoe - we'll look for that. Other than the earlier Dr. Who episode he was in as another character, I'd not seen him in anything.

    immagikman - K9 was the perfect addition.

  9. Peter Capaldi also appeared in the "Doctor Who" spinoff series "Torchwood", specifically a really good performance in "Children of Earth" miniseries.

    "Torchwood" can be decent sci-fi at times. "Children of Earth" is worth the effort, but you have to know the something of the back story of Captain Jack's parallel immortality which requires slogging through the previous two (wildly uneven) seasons of the show.

    BTW, "Torchwood" is *not* for the kiddies or sensitive types either. You will see boy-boy kissing and a heckuva lot more.

    The spoiler mill claims that Capaldi's multiple appearances in the "Whoniverse" will be explained in a script next season.

  10. I could use a good Dalek or two on the Houston roads.

  11. As a fellow Whovian, I thought this was hysterically funny. My next thought was where the hell did you get those stickers!?!? I WANT THEM!!!!


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