Sunday, March 16, 2014

Photos from Dad's House

I have no computer with internet connection at the house, and the onnection at the coffee shop has enough filters on it, blogging is tough, so I will be brief.
I arrived safely, Partner joining me after catching a flight out from BMA (Big Midwest Airport). 

Dad and Big Bro had flowers and ballons to greet me.  I laughed at the Elmo Balloon.  He did have a slight leak, so we released him to the heavens, not being near an airport or an airway, watching him drift on up with someone doing the Dalek "Freedom!", from the 2005 "Dalek" Dr. Who episode,  in the background.

He likely didn't get far before coming back down, or even more likely, we'll see him on CNN with "Flight 370 flight track showed strange Elmo figure near last recorded  blip".

I did bring Bro a card.
My childhood room was just as I remembered, the same little items on top of my dresser. 
The slide rule  is one my favorite Uncle used to help design the Boeing 737.
And a new addition, from someone who thought perhaps they should "girly" up my room.

I did laugh, for as kids I was the Queen of Pez dispensers.
A quick run to the store was needed.  Glad to see Dad's got .223  and 12 gauge buckshot ammo there amongst the raisins and the condiments, but we still to need a few things. 
 And soon, some ribs were marinating, to go on the barbecue in a bit for a late lunch.

Dad has an easier time getting out of his "lift" recliner than the dining room table, so I'll get him all fixed up.
Bro has been making wind chimes and patio twirly things during his chemo to keep his hands busy, and we looked at the latest.

After dinner, and much conversation, Big Bro and Partner in deep, lengthy discussion on all things technical, it was time for some sit time.  Soon everyone was curled up with a book, Partner helping Dad on and off the couch, that doesn't have a "lift off" pad, and which he hesitates to use, even if it is in a spot for the best evening light.

It was good to be home, and even better to see my new family embraced by the old.