Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Barkley Memories - Begger Boys

But they're SILK sheets, Mom!

I found these, and a number of others, on some old camera cards that I'd pulled out of the camera, but not uploaded to the computer.  The one above is my fancy schmancy house I happily got rid of when I moved to Indiana, donating half of my stuff to AmVets and changing the way I lived.  Barkley didn't care, and I found out, I was much happier with a simpler lifestyle and the people I met, where it didn't matter what I owned, just who I was.

In looking at photos of him I'd forgotten of, my eyes welled up, but then I smiled, good memories there. Just simple things, ones that make you happy, ones worth sharing.

On that note, The Book of Barkley was accepted by the publisher and I got a note from the publishing consultant Lisa, that said among other things (and I cut and pasted)  "I LOVED this story!!!" 

That just made my day.  We're looking at being  in the bookstores in 10-12 weeks. Due to production costs, the book won't have a bunch of photos but there will be an author's webpage with a lot more Barkley photos to make you smile.

Until then- Brigid

Hey, I think someone has food up there.
 No seriously.  Did Mom cook something while you took me outside?
Don't be holding out on me.
  I see a bowl, I smell Popcorn!  Mom made popcorn?
 Wait - you have ice cream  ??
But seriously, I smelled popcorn!
 You get BOTH ice cream and popcorn!  What kind of sick, twisted people are you?
I will just sit here in front of my empty food bowl and look pitiful while you two heathens finish your snack.


  1. Congratulations on the book! I can't wait to get a copy. Me, well lets say I will never be a writer (everyone here has figured that out by now).

    What a wonderful thing. Oh, do you do autographs? Several others do. Just sayin' =)

  2. Congrats! I will get a copy and some day hopefully you will sign it!

  3. Oh, yes, forgotten SD cards can be a God-send. And what a photo series! He truly was a master of the mournful look.


  4. Definitely in for a copy or three of the book. Congrats on being picked up by the publisher.

    And if that was cheese-flavored popcorn, it definitely explains the pleading look.

  5. Great find, great pics of Barkley. Awaiting the book release.

  6. Ooooooh, yes, that last one looks so familiar. They sure are good at those sad eyes, aren't they! :) Wonderful memories for sure. :))

  7. What Keads said. Oh heck, what they ALL said!

  8. Upon further thought, I believe that dogs - at least certain breeds - have been selectively bred for that "I'ma gonna just waste away unless I get summa that...uh...whatever it is"

    If we do enough research we'll probably be able to isolate that gene.

    It's in that helix. Somewhere. I'm sure of it.

  9. In for a copy! That dog was one of a kind, just like his red-headed human.

  10. Glad to hear the book will be made, and I laughed at the captioning.....dogs are so funny.

  11. Made my day too, Brigid. There will always be a tinge of sadness when I see a pic of Barkley, but that is how I am constituted. But there is always a great big smile there too.

    I'm so glad you're there. Always a bright spot in my day to 'come in for coffee'.

    Do keep us posted on the book, as I absolutely MUST get copies for all of my dog-loving-pals.

    Fair Winds,

    Cap'n Jan

  12. "... and you JUST KNOW I'm gonna starve-to-death too, and it'll be all your fault....[pout]..."

    Rich in NC

  13. Congrats-but-I'm-not-suprised on the book acceptance. Of course it's a great story, and I'm so thankful we got to share some of it along the way. I've decided to get a bunch, they'd make great presents. I should even have an address by then too, LOL.

    All those pix just make me smile. He's adorable even if he's begging, hehe. Sadness should never prevent the great memories ;)

  14. These pics of Barkley make me smile.

  15. > On that note, The Book of Barkley
    > was accepted by the publisher and
    > I got a note from the publishing
    > consultant Lisa, that said among
    > other things (and I cut and
    > pasted) "I LOVED this story!!!"

    I've got a hunch that they'll be wanting more; and I've said before (hardly alone among the readers of this blog) you've shown consistently over time that you've got both the material and the stylistic chops for it.


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