Wednesday, April 9, 2014


The world's largest firefighter instructor conference is going on in Indy this week.

I have squirrel friends (not from my squirrel tree, but another) that are here for this all week, on their own time and dollar.  Their current job description isn't firefighter, but it's a skill set they have much experience in, and wish to maintain, even if at the volunteer level, now or in the future.

So the Range d'Crash Pad is acting as temporary housing, food, and friendship for such folks this week and weekend.  Partner knows I'd take a bullet for them (literally and figuratively) so an extra bedroom or couch and plenty of food is easy. 

I'll be back this week with a saved post or two.  But rest assured, if tonight, I manage to explode the gravy (seriously, who knew beef gravy was binary) AND catch the oven mitt on fire (again), I'm likely in good hands.


  1. Enjoy - and if you only smell like smoke, you survived!

  2. We used to attend that yearly. And since it was in Indy, I don't recommend a cheap motel unless you're licensed to carry bug bombs.

  3. Thanks for taking care of these guys!

  4. So happy to hear I'm not the only one who has that oven mitt issue.

    Those lucky people, they're gonna be well fed :)

  5. Sunnybrook Farm - yes, there have been several this evening

    Rev Paul - I went for a big pot of Pasta tonight, so we were safe.

    lotta joy - I stayed in a couple of those hotels between moves and totally agree!

    drjim - it was an honor, and as I shut down the computer, the household quiet (though it looked like a testosterone bomb went off in the back 40), I realized how lucky I was, to have this time with them. A lot of history here, both squirrel and simply deep friendship, and I miss talking about the non classified stuff we still can't talk about on a cell phone and on a computer, because such things, are inviolate.

  6. I know what you mean about stuff you can't talk about.

    Up until a few years ago, I'd get calls from "some guy" at "some agency" asking my if I still remembered "some project" I worked on at Hughes Aircraft!

    Of course, I didn't remember a thing about it.....

  7. drjim - We went for a run late, as someone had PT's coming up 2.8 miles in under (mumble mumble) minutes, all while having a discourse on all kinds of things I can't talk about with anyone else, which was actually all kinds of interesting. But there is all kinds of stuff we can't talk about even with each other, it's there, hanging in the air, simply understood.

  8. Oh trust me, it WILL explode... sigh


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