Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Fifty Shades of Black - Morning at the Range

Morning comes early at the Range most days. But I love to watch the sun come in the many windows, the shine of it on all the wood around the house, as from downstairs coffee is ground on a 100 year old grinder. Everything here was either a beloved family piece or rescued by a curb or free on Craigslist and re-crafted. I've done the "buy a house full of furniture", spending thousands only to find even the "good" furniture store stuff was made of termite poop and Elmer's glue and started looking crummy in just a few short years.  I  don't care to do that again. I kept a couple room fulls for the crash pad, everything else was donated to AmVets. 
What we have is old, but it's well built and/or rebuilt, and even better, just about free. We've got a once beautiful hardwood Mission sofa being refinished. It had been a beautiful piece of furniture, but had seen several small children with the associated scratches and wear. It just  needed refinishing and re-cushioning and was had for a 12-pack of beer.  In it's place  for now, Partner's old Ikia couch frame from post college apartment with some quick cushions made up with yards of fabric and some foam and a bit of sewing.  It's not ideal, but it will function as a couch until the Mission frame is done and these cushions can be upgraded to custom fit it.  Provided I can keep the suede type fabric looking  nice.
Like the crafty chameleon,
 I have assumed the color of my background. 
 So why are you looking at me?


  1. My wife keeps getting new chairs and they squeak and even break as she rocks a lot. I can truly say my wife rocks! Anyway everything else is 40, 50....100 years old. My TV is an old tube style that a guy gave me and I made the antenna from wire and a board in the long range style. We have a furniture factory near us that closed then reopened and instead of building new stuff, they repair the Chinese junk that isn't fit to put in a store then they put it in furniture stores. Yep, socialist countries really produce quality products, strange the best stuff they make are guns and ammo, they are good at that but you can't buy it there.

  2. Old and solid oak is better than New and crap glueboard!

  3. We are still using the furniture we bought just before we were married it has been used daily since may of 1962 and still looks almost new It has raised 1 man child and several dogs.They just do not make it like they did back then.

  4. Any time fur is involved, it helps to match the fabric to that. LOL.

    Having read all the Abby updates, I'd say she's blended in completely now.

  5. Dogs love looking out windows... so consider it tactical 'cause it's black...

    Dann in Ohio

  6. I know it will sound tacky, but a short hair fake fur throw/slipcover large enough to cover the suede cushions holds up really well to pet torture. The best thing is, the pet hair doesn't stick to it. Once through the wash and dryer (with softener sheet) and the pet hair and footprints are usually gone.

  7. I think Abby looks like she's busted, being on the couch. Look at those eyes...guilty!

    I wish we had been able to fulfill our old goal of making our own Mission furniture. Back in KS we had the shop, the equipment, and a lumberyard we could get all sorts of quartersawn oak from.

  8. The walnut table was made by George Vallowe, a veteran of the 5th Marine Division in WWII. He loved woodworking. http://www.register-news.com/obituaries/x2143189924/George-Phillip-Vallowe

  9. Was out of contact for a while and I came back to find...the Crafty Chameleon lol thank you for the wonderful laugh :D

  10. Sunnybrook Farm - there's an Amish furniture store nearby that makes the most beautiful pieces of furniture. It's pretty expensive but made to last through more than one generation. It's fun to look at, anyway, and admire the craftsmanship.

    NotClauswitz - Partner found a side table (not pictured) that had a badly scratched veneer top but the Mission style base was solid oak, sitting out by someone's trash on the curb. Some refinishing and a new wood top and it will be good to go.

    oldoakie - the only new thing Dad has is the big recliner that lifts him up to standing position, something I got to help him get in and out of the chair if he is alone at any time. It's pretty comfy.

    Tam - and I still have that book you gave me on the "Well behaved puppy", which Barkley paid no attention to :-) Can't wait for you to meet her.

    naturegirl - the fabric was chosen with Barkley fur in mind, so yes.

    Dann in Ohio - She can see the line of spruces where she saw a rabbit Saturday, so she probably likes that spot.

    Mrs. S - good idea, and I have one already, but she made a nest of it under another table. It appears I'll have to buy another.

    Monkeywrangler - she's working on the "who me?" look, which is not to be confused with "it's been hours since I had a dog biscuit look".

    David - I didn't know the history, but it's a beautiful table. George sounded like a good man. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Hey Abs- you need to hunker down! You'll blend in much better that way!

  12. Looks like Abby is making herself right at home. Amen on the old furniture. So much better and it comes with character.

  13. My favorite furniture is old. This computer desk used to hold a typewriter and belonged to my grandfather. It's a cherry wood secretary, with a drop leaf top!
    Probably from the 1920's.
    Stuff I bought new just doesn't hold up - not unlike walnut and steel vs. plastic...
    No soul.


  14. Oak or butcherblock! We needed storage space in the kitchen, so I put together a kitchen island made of solid wood purchased from Amazon by Catskill Craftsmen - a huge rolling mega-thing with extra pull-out extensions and double sided doors. It should last a while.

  15. Your home looks inviting, Brigid. Neat, comfortable and fun. And I know it's the way it is because of your skill, know-how, energy and caring.


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