Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Lab Work - Abby Updates

Our first day went very well.  I got up once in the night and Abby came in from the furry rug in the hall that she had vacated the dog bed in my room for,  made sure I was OK, then went right back to sleep.

When I woke up this morning it was to happy face and "oh boy, it's dog food again!"
After a walk, Abby doing well with the pulling but sometimes weaving ahead (actually more like dropping down immediately in front of me like Tony Stewart in turn two), which I had been told about by her Foster Mom. I made an appointment for dog training.  Part of the adoption agreement is I get her basic training and I plan on honoring that, to work on the leash skills and any other basic commands she may need to work on, though she comes when I call, and sits on command.  I then made an appointment with Dr H., to get all her info into the system and plan out care she may need over the coming months as she gets a general wellness exam.

She did great in the truck and wasn't at all anxious at the vet, and even calmly laid down while we waited in the exam room about 10 minutes (we were quite early). 
Barkley not only would not have laid down, he'd have been rifling the cabinets for prescription dog treats.

She was great with the exam, other than squirming when it was time for the ears, as all dogs do, and follow up care for her heartworm was discussed as well as a lyme screen, as she had evidence of a possible recent tick bite. Barkley loved Dr. H and Abby was no different, trying to give her "kisses" to the face to the point I heard a laugh and "no tongue!" A new prescription for her heartworm/flea monthly medication was made out and enough purchased for a few months, and after pats and treats from Dr. H. and her gentle and skilled assistant, we were on our way home. I really appreciate Love of Labs providing such detailed records for her care after she was picked up as a stray. That helped a lot getting a plan for the coming six month's care set up so I can budget accordingly.

After we got home, I did have an errand to run to the grocery store, and she did real well while I was gone for an hour. The master bedroom bed wasn't slept on, she hadn't opened my gun safe to check out the old Mausers and dog food was pillaged off of the counter, but she was happy to see me, though not anxious. I'm glad I'm just working a partial schedule and telework for her first few days here, though, and Partner will join us here for a couple of days, as well. I've also found someone licensed and bonded (and highly recommended) as a professional dog sitter to walk her mid day as needed. She can go all day without a potty break from what I hear, but I want her to have some company as she settles into the routine.
But at the store, I got her a Frosty Paws.   I usually make my own, a recipe known around here as Frosty Pause , but didn't have time, nor the ingredients on hand last night.  I don't think she had ever seen one before.  Barkley loved them and would delicately lick them until they were gone, on a plate. I expected the same from gentle Miss Abby.

I put the Frosty Paws on the plate, sans container. She sniffed and tentatively licked it, then . . . .

You know that scene in Jaws where the shark grabs the guy whole in his mouth and swallows.

It was something like that
That was one happy dog, though how she kept from getting "brain freeze" is beyond me.

(Note: She got skittish when one photo triggered the flash,so I switched to the little point and shoot, no flash and stealth photos, so she would relax, but the picture quality isn't the best.)

After that, a walk to explore the grass out front and back of the crash pad.  It was 86 out, so it was just a quick jaunt, on the grass, not the pavement.

After that, we read on the couch. (Well, I read; Abby put her head on me and gave me looks that said "Moby Dick? Look the whale did it, put it down and lets have another walk"). But it was time for supper. I had a plate of steamed veggies with lemon (someone had  Home Run Pizza for lunch) and she had kibble that was probably tastier, though I grinned at her eating while laying down as she got to the end of her food (better to get close to every last bite).
Time for a nap while Mom, gets a few things done on and off line.
All in all, a good day and all your kindness and warm words were welcomed by all.


  1. Aww! More posts like this one! I'm so glad this is working out so well.

  2. "Heartwarming" comes to mind. I'd glad for you both (all three, actually). :)

  3. Great to hear she had a good first night.

    She's found a good home, and knows it!

  4. I feel so much better for you Brigid. After all you have gone through this year you needed some Abby in your life. You two appear well matched.

    May your lives together be blessed and happy!

  5. I think the Frosty Paws was her aha moment. "This place rocks!!!" LOL.

    I wouldn't be a bit surprised if she gets into trouble somehow - a sure sign she finally knows she's home. She's being mannerly right now so you "keep her." She looks smart that way, LOL.

  6. Glad you two are getting settled in.

  7. Swallowed it like Jaws, eh? Hehehe! I like that.

    I am glad y'all are getting some early bonding time too. That will be important. I wonder what her reaction to Partner will be?

  8. oh, squeeee! Puppy!

    *hugs* Hope you have many excellent adventures together!

  9. Looks like you've got a keeper there.

    And if she questions your Melville, look her in the eye and say "From the depths of Hell I stab at thee. From the depths of Hell I spit my last breath at thee."

    Make sure to use your best Ricardo Montalban voice when you do this. I'm told it's part of the dog training process ...

    ("Yours is a superior intelligence")

  10. Cute and well-mannered. Looks good...looks good.

    Belle eats lying down too. Not sure what that's about. Maybe it's a female thing.

  11. Hi Brigid,
    Partner GL and I are longtime lurkers. We're not social media beings, but you have melted hearts here. So we're long overdue in coming forward to express our appreciation, smiles, and tears for all that you've shared with us. Our hearts and prayers have gone out to you recently for Bro and Barkley. Congrats and welcome to Abby! (BTW, We have a Czech German Shepherd, Ziva, who lives up to her name in every way! ;)). Hardly a day goes by when we don't check in for a healthy dose of humanity, humor... And bacon! Thanks for sharing with us. Love - MT, GL, Shadow & Ziva :)

  12. Sherry - there will be more in the future, I am sure.

    Rev. Paul -thanks, Partner can't wait to meet her (though we viewed all the dogs profiles together to see which ones we wanted to meet).

    OldAFSarge - it's been a truly tough year. This won't fix it, but it will be a balm to a sorely bruised heart.

    naturegirl - It was pretty funny, and I'm sure there will be some other moments like that.

    Rob - thank you, and thanks for the photos of the grandbaby forwarded. :-)

    Monkeywrangler - everyone that has met Partner, two and four legged alike, has really warmed to him. Big Bro couldn't have gotten along with him any better, and was very happy when I brought him home after we got married, which was good to know.

    On a Wing - your carry on bags are probably safe, but she does seem to be a "foodie" :-)

    Borepatch - hehehehehehe

    Murphy's Law - she doesn't do that all the time, but it was cute.

    MT - thank you for taking the time to comment after this time, it means a lot to me. I am glad you and GL enjoy the posts and hope you will continue to stop in, whether commenting or not.

  13. Oh, how very sweet she looks...congratulations to you and Partner, and a warm welcome to Abby! Look forward to following some new adventures. ;)

  14. Great to hear, and I know she will never replace Barkley, but the companionship will be good for you both.

  15. I'm thrilled Abby is fitting in and she's being a good girl for you. I only wish my husband was as good as Abby at the doctor's office as she was at the vet's... I look forward to watching her grow old with you. (and I love the blog!)

  16. Good. You deserve her and she deserves you. I'm VERY happy to see this. And "I told you so!"

  17. "She did great in the truck "

    How come when I've taken a dog in the car the animal's response is "Oh, boy, ROAD TRIP!", whereas when the cat has to go in the car it's "AHHHHHH I'M IN HELL!"

  18. So glad for you - and glad for Abby!

    In case you haven't thought of it, this is how Dad used to train puppies to love guns. When the puppies are not quite weened, one of us would take a little 20 gauge some distance from the pups and on command fire it. The command was, I have put down the bowl! Incoming Puppies!!!

    As time went on, we would move closer to the pups and fire, but if any of them showed the slightest consternation (rare), we'd back off to the 'comfort zone' again. Takes patience. Well worth it!

    I never had a pup go shy.

    You might want to try something like that with her and your flash camera. Bits of frosty-paws sounds like it might do the trick!

    Fair Winds and a Happy house,

    Cap'n Jan

  19. What a pretty lady she is. And, she has the best mom.

  20. She is gorgeous and such a sweetie. I think the both of you hit the doggie lottery! Lu still can't stop smiling.

    "About time she got a break!"

  21. Glad Abby is settling in so well. Have fun getting to know all her eccentricities.

  22. Saw this today and was reminded of this post....

  23. So glad! I'm not even insulted at the "little camera" dig =0. Much happiness to you and your 4 legged companion!

  24. She looks happy indeed, and she'd a real beauty.

  25. Abby is a lucky dog. Wishing you all well and enjoying your writing.

  26. Oh, there are no words for how happy I am for you both!


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