Sunday, May 11, 2014

Notes From the Lab

Being a Mother is not just giving birth.  It's sheltering another young soul from harm, while loving them with all that you have.

Happy Mother's Day everyone!

- Brigid
 Mother to Brigid Jr. and Abby Normal Johnson, the joyfully welcomed four-legged addition to the household.


  1. Nice 'Young Frankenstein' reference!


  2. Happy Mother's Day to you too, Brigid!

    Vic303: Mom to Monkeys 1,2,3,
    and four legged children Shiloh, Cody, and Charlie (R.I.P.).

  3. Happy mothers day Brigid. That bowl is so appropriate for a dog named Abby. That is cool. Have a great day.

  4. Yer new dog has won the Dog Lottery....

  5. Happy Mother's Day Brigid and all the other Moms of humans and fur babies and maybe another adult or two, too. Hope everyone had a great day filled with fun, smiles and love.

    That bowl just rocks, lucky Abby :)

  6. Happy Mothers Day to you!

  7. I can't wait for Abby's labrador rendition of "Putting On The Ritz". ;-)

    I know what this day means to you. I hope you had the full happiness of the day, Brigid,

  8. Happy Mother's Day to you, dear animal Mom. Love,

  9. Hope you had a great Mothers Day B.

  10. Abby Normal Johnson what a great name for a great dog.

  11. Adding a Lab of any shade to your family means never having to say "normal." Normal goes out the door when the new member of the family moves in, and every day from then on becomes a day at the circus!

  12. Ack! Yay! I read this post after the most recent one. Yay! I'm so happy!

  13. Hi Brigid, Just finished reading about Mr. Barkley. Sent a rather long reply via what may be an expired email address. It had the word RED---- in it! Hope you got it because it didn't come back as undeliverable! So happy about Abby Normal!

  14. armedlaughing - you just knew that was going to be part of the name.

    Monkeywrangler I hop you all had a wonderful day.

    Murphy's Law - thank you, and I hope your Mom did as well.

    RichD - it is sort of fitting isn't it?

    B - thanks, she's got some mighty big paws to fill, but she'll do just fine as her sweet self.

    naturegirl - I got to spend the day with my husband, we made pizza and drank a bottle of this incredible Australian Shiraz that Old NFO got us for our wedding, and lounged with the Pup. It was good

    Keads - thank you.

    Borepatch - you do know. I tiptoe all around the whole day, but it's there, always. I'm just glad I had company.

    immagikman - my best to you and your bride.

    mjrb - it fit her. I look at the photo of your dog on your blog and he/she looks like Zeus, my daughters former white shepherd, that she had in high school.

    Murphy(AZ) - I think her personality will start showing itself in little increments as she gets comfortable. She's starting to play with her toys, and that's a good sign.

    Auntie J - glad you had time to catch up with the news, you and I will talk later on line so I can get caught up on yours.

    Everett - I got it, I just don't check that email often, but it's sometimes more user friendly for attachments than gmail. I am so glad you enjoyed the draft copy of the book, even if pre-edited.

    Thanks everyone!


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