Saturday, May 24, 2014

Steampunked - ePostal Match Time

It's time for the June ePostal Shoot Out, which originated over at Mr. Completely 's blog. You can visit his site for the history of this fun event, but Partner in Grime has a target created for the June event, and our household will be tabulating the scores to see who wins bragging rights while Mr. C. is on the mend from some surgery.

I've done them before and they are a blast.  The one below involved  hitting anything BUT the flies, which was a lot of fun, especially with the use of Mr. B's Ruger 10-22.
Partner in Grime was trying to come up with a target for the June event, and finally just put some gears on it and called it "Steampunk!" (click on the picture below to download or print out the target).

Then I had a new camera, so pictures were in order.

Scoring: Each shot counts once as the highest zone touched. 10 bonus points for scoring on all 4 gears.

Looks like fun but it's not just shooting at the gears.   The points (also marked on the target) stack up like this.  You get 10 points for hitting a key, 9 points for hitting a shaft, 7 points for hitting a tooth, and 3 points for hitting anywhere else on the gear.   You get 10 shots at 10 yards (standing unsupported) which you can aim anywhere you please. However, if any of you are thinking about skipping that troublesome partial gear on the left, we'll throw in an extra 10 bonus points on any target where you score points on ALL FOUR GEARS. Each shot scores only once so this gives a (highly unlikely) perfect score of 110 points.


Target size: 8.5x11

Range:  10 yards (or as close as possible at your range)

Number of shots: 10

Position: Standing unsupported

Time limit: None

Scoring: Each shot counts once as the highest zone touched. 10 bonus points for scoring on all 4 gears.


1 – Iron sight rimfire
2 – Iron sight centerfire
3 – Optical sight rimfire
4 – Optical sight centerfire
5 – Open class: Anything else.

Pistol or rifle are both welcome. If is unusual then shoot a target and send it in.  Send a picture too…if you and your gun look “steampunk enough” you will get extra points out of it!

Email scans or photos to engineeringjohnsonatgmaildotcom by the end of June.


  1. Thanks Murphy's Law - if you want to put a link up, that would be great, and hopefully people will drop a note also over at Mr. Completely wishing him a speedy recovery. I've not met him but both Partner and Father in Law speak highly of him.

  2. I probably cannot get out to shoot.
    How does one throw a sabot into the gears?


  3. Now I understand what "shooting gear" means

    "Life is a broken will be known for what you do with the pieces"

  4. think I'll break out the Webly for this, only seems right.

  5. Oh this looks like just the thing for the kids and I to start the summer shooting season out right. But I have a question that comes from my ignorance of *all* the shooting sports nomenclature, and because my kids will ask.

    I would assume "Unsupported" means no shooting sticks, monopods, tree branches, and other steadying influences, but does it also include shooting slings?

    I'm asking because my kids have been trained to use a sling.

  6. I don't consider a sling supported. The main idea is to practice shooting as if you were not at the range, hence the odd shapes, the need for decision making and the element of luck.

  7. armedlaughing - Ha!

    Six - the more the merrier!

    Brian Miller - :-)

    tjorgre - I hope you join us!

    zdogk9 - a pilot friend who also blogs is going to use one as well that will be too cool.

    scott - I see partner already answered that. Yes, the sling is fine!

  8. Hmm.. I hope to have time to embarrass myself with this!

  9. Seeing as it is now Summer (if not officially then practically) and thus over 107 outside I don't know if I shall be able to shoot one of these. 'tis normally the season to hide inside and reload. I shall endeavor to try however.

  10. Are we shooting rifles or just handguns? I see a few bloggers talking about using rifles but Mr. C's rules on the e-postal matches appear to limit it to handguns. With a handgun I can't get more steampunkish than a P08 or a Walker. With a rifle I could ratchet that up a notch to a Krag. Of course, with the Krag My front sight would be half way to the target so that might be cheating.

  11. Lantry - the steampunk shoot is both. Mr. C has had many that were pistol only but they have not always been that way, I am told. Partner in Grime confirmed this is both. Have fun!


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