Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Little Whine Before Dinner - Dog Day in the Park

Abby got her first trip to a local park, one that has a large natural stream running through it.  Barkley loved to come here and try and catch sticks we'd throw upstream, as they went past him.  Due to a lack of any storms lately with high winds, there weren't any sticks around.
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You could tell she'd not been in water before, at first hesitant to go in, then just wanting to eat it.
We brought  a longer leash with some twine to attach to it to extend  it a couple feet  should she want to venture further out but at first, she was just content to walk in the water as we strolled down the bank.

 I'm waiting for a pork chop to drift downstream.
 OK I'm ready to go out in the deep end.
 It wasn't deep enough to swim, but she got to splash around a bit.
Look, I'm Snorkeling Dog!
Do we have to go?
 That was fun Mom!
 And I shook  the water off all over Dad, not your nice blouse  Aren't I a good dog?
She had two young ladies come by and pet her with a "what a pretty dog!" but she behaved well on her leash, and didn't crash any of the family picnics. She gave out a soft whine as we left the park, not wanting to leave.  But it was time to go home for supper.
Balsamic Glazed Crispy Oven Pork with Roasted Onions and Cheddar Biscuits
 Where did Abby go?
Somebody's tired out from their day.


  1. Looks like Abby had a fun day. Dinner looks great. Have a good week.

  2. Dogs are a lot like kids in that the more you wear them out in the afternoon, the more peaceful the evening will be. Aggy will need to go submerge herself in the creek this afternoon as it gets a little hot now.

  3. Looks as if Abby IS Normal!



  4. lol Armedlaughing just made me laugh out loud..Abby.....we watched Young Frankenstein Friday night and It just clicked with me, that Abby would be a great name for any of my dogs... Who's Brain? Abby Something.....Abby Normal :D

    I really wish I had a lab to take down to the C&O Canal....B dog doesnt like the water and neither do the other 3 *sigh*

  5. Abby knows she has a furever home with two of the most loving parents she could have ever wished for.

  6. What an adventure she had! I'll bet she is happier everyday that she ended up at your home!

  7. WOW, she really did zonk out, LOL. Looks like a fall asleep head plop down from upright position.

    LOL at "Abby is normal." She's an official water dog now. And that's it, the parents are officially totally cool now, in Abby's mind.

    It wouldn't be a real day in the park with a "kid" unless there was at least one whine when it was time to go. heh

  8. Just got through eating dinner but now I'm wanting some of what you had! Abby Normal IS a pretty Lab.

    My Son has a female Lab that has never barked! This afternoon a horse went running thru the yard, sans rider and she did bark for the first time! I thought the damned horse was making the noise! Scared the bejesus out of me

  9. I love it! There is nothing like watching others, dogs or people, discover something new. First fish, first deer, a first swim or a Pointer's first quail, it is always a pleasure to watch them learn.

  10. sweet! Her first time in water, and she's a Lab? What a lucky girl to have found you two! Our Shiloh is a bit like that in water. She loves to lay down in the stream on a hot walk.

    And Indy got his first trip to the local dog park yesterday. He had a ton of fun, was well behaved, and though there was a small dog-water-park, he avoided the water like the plague! After all, according to a true Ridgeback, water is only for drinking!

  11. Looks like a good day was had by all!

  12. I love to see her have new adventures!


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