Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Canon Fodder

 bark is worse than its bite
 winged warrior in the garage
water on pavement
We're wearing the same thing, I'll pretend I don't see her.
Springing to get out of the house. 
 Two for the Second Amendment
 Hearts are the home.
Proud to be an American
Breakfast for Dinner
Golden Evenings


  1. Did someone get a new camera???

  2. I need a big chair to curl up in like a dog, could be a new product that would sweep the market. I remember when I was little, I could do that, really!

  3. Brighid - Partner got me one as a surprise. I'd wanted one for ages as a dear friend has one and has let me play with it. I'm still learning the basics but it' fun.

    Sunnybrook Farm - next to the chair, though you can't see, is a big poofy new dog bed. . .:-)

  4. I like the new camera pictures. Big difference in color and detail, oh you're gonna have a lot of fun now. LOL. Abby will have to just accept that Mom takes a bazillion pictures, hehe.....

  5. What gorgeous eyes Miss Abby has! She certainly looks like she is waiting to see if she is in trouble for getting in the leather chair.

    And yes, I hear your bike calling to you, " Go for a ride!" ;-)

  6. In our house that stuff is Nikon Fodder..... It took me a minute...duh

    Rich in NC

  7. Is there anything you can't do--marvelously? I'm serious. I'm beginning to wonder if there is an entire team of talents called Brigid. Seriously. ;-)

  8. So much said with so few words.

  9. So much said with so few words.

  10. Very nice, looks like you're getting a feel for the new toy! ;-)

  11. Looks like you are getting some great practice with the new camera. Thanks for sharing the gallery!

  12. naturegirl - some were taken with my friends camera, some with my new one, but I love that camera!

    Monkeywrangler - She's really a cute thing and is learning how to work those eyes.

    Rich in NC- Nikon Fodder, a fine choice.

    Mathew Paust - if I sing, cats gather on the porch, I can't golf and the one time I attempted to knit a scarf, it was so bad it ended up as a tube top for someone's doll. But thank you

    PPPP - thank you, my friend.

    Old NFO - I've taken a couple hundred pictures with it already, many just practice for light and shadow but I'm learning. Perhaps though I'd best read the instruction book (yes, I'm like a guy with that whole "directions" thing).

    Andie - Thanks for the off line note. I'd love to see some photos of your lab.

  13. Someone is making someone else jealous. How could I get angry though. Just happy jealousy. Keep up the good work!


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