Saturday, June 21, 2014

Saturday Adventures. - Pancakes, 1911's and Abby the Land Locked Lab.

Saturday dawned to be a beautiful day after days of rain. It was good to be off duty for the day, that was for sure.
I've got a fresh batch of Kefir (fermented milk, tastes like a light effervescent yogurt, and a lot healthier for you).  If you want to purchase grains to make your own, I've had the best luck with the ones from

I used to spend about 7 bucks a week on store bought Kefir as I drink a cup or two every day. This is so much better and costs a fraction of that. This batch is ready. I'll strain the Kefir grains (which are live little guys, just like sourdough) then add them to fresh milk and start another batch for tomorrow.

But rather than drink it or make a smoothie out of it, it's going into the pancakes, instead of buttermilk.

Replacing the buttermilk with freshly made Kefir made them very light and incredibly tender with a delicate little crunch around the edges.  They were like pastry.  I just used my standard fluffy pancake recipe and replaced the buttermilk (or milk and lemon juice or ACV) with the freshly fermented kefir.

Then it was time for some chores. With travel  over the last three weeks and lots of rain lately, there was lots to do. Between mowing, weeding and trimming the bushes and trees, we didn't have time to go to the range.

This little pristine and antique find is going to be in the kitchen remodel.  It weighs about two hundred pounds.  It came up the stairs.
I think we earned lunch before finishing up the chores.

Beeffins.  Biscuit dough formed up inside of a muffin cup, then filled up with a dab of leftover meat sauce and cheddar. It's  a great little lunch with some carrots sticks and Ranch dressing.

Hey, that's not a beeffin!

The Range yard all spiffed up,a pork tenderloin put in the slow cooker with a splash of Balsamic, it was time to introduce Abby to the little wading pool to cool off.
She just walked in circles around it, not even putting in a toe.  Partner tried the ball but she just backed away.
Crickey!  Look at the bottom,  there's alligators in there!
Mom said I had to wait an hour after eating before going in the water.  Seriously.
Look, I don't know why you two weirdo's bought me the world's biggest water bowl but I like my little bowl better.
 Sure, it's just water.

 I'm not sure why but Mom put on shorts and is standing in my bowl. But she also  has a treat.
 Seriously Mom, you need some self tanner on those legs.
 Oh, a tasty treat, but someone's standing in the bowl with it.
 My treat!  It's like Ivory Soap, it floats!
Score!  And I didn't get my feet wet!
Back to my couch!
Well, it appears we have the world's first lab that doesn't like the water. Maybe in time, so much seems to be new to her as she was in a shelter for a while before Love of Labs Indianapolis  rescued her.  Til then, we'll enjoy her company and chill with a glass of Kombucha (fermented tea, mmmmm) while I put together dinner.
It got dark real quick, there's a big line of severe weather coming, I'd best go check on Abby as she's a little scared of thunder.
Mom, there's this huge ceramic pink water bowl in the little room off the hall . What is with you people.
It's time for dinner. Garlic and Rosemary infused  Salt Roasted Potatoes
No Abby, I'm not going to stand out in the pool holding a pork tenderloin.  

You people are a bit odd, but I love being part of your pack.  You gave me a home from the shelter and you smell like pork.  I love you.  - Abby



  1. Great photos of Abby, and, of course, now I'm hungry again.

  2. We had our lab Bonnie for fifteen years and she hated water and guns.
    Just the smell of gun oil on me and she would hide.

  3. Where's the 1911? I was promised a 1911!

  4. You had my attention at "1911's", but the beefins look superb!

    I'll have the missus give those a try!

    So far she's loved every recipe of yours she's tried.

  5. So glad to hear that Abby is well, being Abby Normal. Looks like a great day and you had me at the food. As always.

  6. You're like Chinese food.
    I read you and an hour later I must read you again!


  7. What a lovely girl Abby is. All of our labs were water babies, but I hear that once in awhile, one is a landlubber, and that is just fine too.

  8. Iggy won't step foot in the kiddie pool for anything! Lucy loves it though.... He's good with zero entry kinds of water; lakes, oceans and streams. Food pics already got my tummy going this morning! Thanks for sharing.

  9. LOL, a Lab that doesn't like water???

  10. What a gentle little story this was and you've turned it into an adventure. Well done.

  11. I love these posts :)
    Abby is one funny dog ;)

  12. Well, it appears we have the world's first lab that doesn't like the water.

    'fraid not. Mine (Indy) won't swim, won't wade, won't even walk on wet grass to take care of business in the morning. He'll choose to hold it all day rather than get his paws wet.

  13. Hey, false advertising, I only saw one 1911 in the pictures.

  14. Abby's one of the luckiest dogs in the world.

  15. Had a Lab, years ago, who was afraid of water. One day, she fell into a creek, and discovered that it wasn't fatal. After that, it was impossible to keep her out of water. She'd even break ice at the little stock pond near the house, just to splash around in it.

  16. Mathew Paust - It was definitely a foodie weekend (today was crispy fried wide rice noodles tossed with veggies and beef and a sweet garlic sauce). Wok and Roll!

    Skip - I smiled at "Bonnie" as my first labs, one I intended on getting, the other, the runt of the litter, I did not. They were named Bonnie and Clyde.

    Eric - I know, by the time we got into the trees, we knew there was not going to be any range time.

    drjim - the Beeffins were great. They'd be good with leftover sloppy joe sauce as well.

    Keads - I liked your post on books and 2001 Space Odyssey. Cool.

    armedlaughing - ha!

    Jane of Virginia - From her stance and undercoat I'm thinking she is Black Lab and perhaps Irish Setter or a Spaniel of some sort. She did go into the creek without hesitation, so we'll try the little kiddie pool again.

    Robin - glad we're not the only one with the non-water, water dog.
    Thanks for stopping.

    Old NFO - she's been in a pen or dog run much of her life, from what I can see of her behavior. She may come around but she is just the sweetest, most loving thing, and VERY smart.

    Sunnybrook Farm - I did so enjoy the posts about the daughters "Camp out". Glad all the girls had fun.

    Sport Pilot - thanks as always for stopping in. She's got us smiling again, still missing Barkley so much, but smiling. That's a good thing

    immagikman - she is indeed.

    dave - another one. She's in good company then.

    Patrick Kelly - the dead tree in the front yard that has to be cut down sort of pushed into the 1911 time. :-)

    Murphy's Law - one of the folks at Love of Labs commented that my friends who they interviewed before accepting us as dog parents said whatever dog we got "won the dog lottery". That was a nice feeling.

    Retired Spook - she did go into the creek without hesitation. We'll try the little pool another day when it's hotter out. But if she doesn't, that's OK too. We just want her to be comfortable with us.

  17. It may just turn out that Abby is a creek/lake/"real water" dog and the pool is just to strange to consider. LOL. She is smart enough to get the treat and stay dry !

    I'm sooo adding beeffins to the must try list.

  18. Appleseed shirt and ear plugs did someone go shooting before trying to get Abby in the H2O.


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